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File Pile Overview

The file pile is the folder structure where you store all files (e.g., documents, images, etc.) that will be used on your website.

  • Files may be used as content links within the Freeform, Forms Editor and FAQ Blocks.
  • Files can also be displayed using Titan CMS’s list blocks, such as Filter or TOC.
  • Any images used throughout the site (e.g., teaser images, freeform block images) will be stored in these file pile folders.
  • Most actions from the App Ribbon also apply to the files/folders of the file pile.
  • Each file its own set of properties found in the Properties Edit Tab, allowing you to set up SEO, publication dates and many other properties.
  • Upon file or page creation, some properties are created by default. You may view or modify these properties by clicking on the Properties icon in the Edit Pane.
  • Files added to a specific file pile inherit properties, security, and workflow parameters from their parent folder.

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