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Version Enhancements

Find out what features, functionality and bug fixes were released or resolved in the most recent versions of Titan CMS.

For release notes for versions prior to 6.9, please contact us for assistance.

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Version 7.2

Original Release Date: August 30, 2021

New Features

Content Library

We have expanded the functionality of Block Copies to provide a central repository for re-usable content – to quickly and easily save global and personal content blocks and access Titan CMS-delivered and theme-based templates to build pages. 

Multi-Block Management

You can now select multiple blocks on a page. This facilitates the process of creating your own robust Content Templates from multiple blocks, but also allows users to make adjustments to CSS Styles and Content Zones across multiple blocks. 

Preview Snapshot

We have integrated a full screen snapshot tool in the Workstation Preview. It supports the creation of thumbnail images for your Content Templates. 



  • The Titan CMS FED team now has a way to apply styles only to the workstation display and exclude css from the workstation
  • Enhanced SEO Upload to allow creation of empty standard pages from spreadsheet


  • Disable follow-up options on Form Editor Block when posting to a remote URL
  • New Dashboard Widget showing a user's Recent Searches in the Workstation


  • Provide Example for Date/Time Format Mask in Block Config
  • Form Activity Widget End Date should default to tomorrow instead of today
  • Highlight Current Page in Nav Tree

Bug Fixes


  • Font Size Decreases in FormsEditor Block in Edit Mode
  • Unable to add block from online block library
  • Error on Resetting Upload Folder Global Params to Default
  • Workflow changes not reflect in navigation tree
  • Can't update link: Error in Console
  • Issue with uploading new image version from block editor
  • Display Bug in 'Add Content' Dropdown
  • Checkbox display is not as expected in Data List block config
  • SmartSearch Segment doesn't render Card results
  • Cannot create a Block Copy for newly added Block prior to first save
  • Can't copy into CK Editor
  • Error when trying to configure page layout (a.k.a.  Restored ability to parse Zones from Layout code) 
  • Filter Block not fully clearing filtered results (CIVCORO-92)
  • Titan Video plugin for CKEditor not allowing updates
  • New Blocks not inserting after the last selected block when multiple are selected
  • Unexpeceted highlighting of content after Ctrl+A (select all) or triple clicking
  • Form Editor fields not appearing in Email subject
  • Cannot create Browse Views using Workflow-related content
  • SEO upload for File Pile folders fails on Folder URLs
  • Cannot remove blocks when editing a Block Copy


  • Registration Block radio button spacing is off
  • Forms Editor submission error when Post to Titan Submission is selected and dangerous text is entered
  • Page Share Security not applied to webmaster and CMSAdmins
  • Breadcrumbs not showing in Preview
  • Recurrence, End By does not maintain the date entered by the user
  • Results list is lost if user double-clicks to edit a page
  • Double-clicking data item folder doesn't open folder
  • Browse View Doesn't Persist After Action
  • Not returned to 'current' page while editing
  • Included missing upgrade scripts (later reported as TITAN-1118)
  • Fixed refresh of results after moving content items


The following issues were resolved only for the 7.2 release. These were developed independent of the 7.1 codebase and may not be easily ported to previous versions. 

  • Comma can't be used in Description of Schema Column
  • Clicking Cancel on Data Editor Default form not closing dialog
  • Data List blocks pointing at removed Data Site cannot be edited
  • Remove horizontal scrollbar from Theme tab within Content Site in Titan Admin
  • Where Used View is incomplete
Version 7.1

Original Release Date: March 22, 2021

New Features

Snippets Manager

The Snippets Manager allows users to create, save, manage and apply various types of code snippets (i.e.,, Open Graph, JavaScript collections, and more) across sites, themes and/or pages of a website. This change reduces the time-consuming task of implementing and testing code for individual pages and data records, and allows users to easily follow analytics and digital marketing best practices.



  • Show URL as column in results from Search Bar


  • Allow "No Display" on Calendar Filter 
  • Application block supports passing current HttpContext to CmsComponentBase classes
  • CmsComponentBase supports additional annotation to define WkstContent reducing the need to overide CmsRenderContents
  • CmsControlBase supports InContextHelp not from StaticText resource file


  • Introduced new Dynamic Property for Snippets - Relative URL - to render the relative path Page URL rather than the fully qualified Page URL


  • Sort Date added as a Linkable Property
  • Prominent Preview button in Content Management module

UX Improvements

  • Allow double-click to edit filter configurations
  • Titan Admin CSS config error conditions (UX)
  • UX improvement to pages with no blocks added
  • Sortable "Recycled Date" column added to views in Recycle Bin

General, Productivity & Performance Improvements

  • Added support for customizing labels and inputs for CustomData fields in User Profile 
  • Enhanced Data item created to auto-detect and populate "Name" field within Workstation name
  • Identify Titan CMS version in metadata on display-side
  • Extended Data List to support standard Description options (partial)
  • Background Task to precompile Workstation
  • Fully Precompiled Workstation and Display
  • Deprecation of Task for precompilation

Bug Fixes

Overview: A major version upgrade to Titan CMS occurred with the release of Titan CMS 7.0. As such, a larger number of bugs were expected than typically occur with a minor version release. All bugs identified since the initial release of v7.0 in August 2020 have been fixed and released to all clients on v7.0 in cumulative update batches as they became available. Minor enhancements to improve UX, productivity or performance, or that are more general in nature, have also been released in cumulative updates since the launch of v7.0 and are fully available in v7.1.


  • Registration Block Throws Error Performing Password Change
  • Open in new window selection does not save for external link on linked page
  • Data List block editor: display limit checkbox forces recheck when trying to uncheck
  • Errors when using a PDF as a linked page
  • Captcha selection for form data posted to Titan not repopulating in block editor
  • Data Items not returned under schemas with linked columns
  • Data Sites - Embedded Freeform editors don't load when there are multiple freeform columns
  • Different Levels on Content on Sitemap
  • Unable to edit sensitive app vars
  • Set services.web.config fcnMode to Single in base sdk
  • Fixed error messaging when trying to save a forms editor block with an invalid submit action for forms with a file input
  • Fixed enabling/disabling the use captcha checkboxes in forms block editor


  • When Filter Zone is Different than Block Zone, Filters show up twice
  • Linked Pages always open in new window
  • Photo Block Title is missing wrapping element
  • Classification Attributes Display With Odd Encoding 
  • Restore Version does not activate Publish button for new version
  • Filters area is shown when only calendar filter is selected and usage is set to "Server"
  • Blocks that encounter exceptions no longer break the entire page on the Display side.
  • Fixed block rendering in Workstation Preview
  • Fixed custom block configuration allowing empty strings for DisplayJavascript


  • Update udf_TrusteeIsSmartSearchUser to support SQL 2019
  • Restoring from History tab leads to dead end
  • Can't edit video after you palce in a freeform
  • Unable to edit browse view
  • Add back Speed Bump on 'Clear Results' link in Forms Editor Results before deleting data
  • Fixes for form block...
    • controls to re-initialize edit dialog correctly
    • removed numeric restriction on Width property so the value can be any CSS Width definition (including %, rem, em, px, etc)
    • fixed submission of List Box value with multiple selections
  • Fixed inconsisitency in icon usage for files set as "Unknown" file type


  • Fixed issue with blockettes of type SearchIndex not returning expected results in Segmented Search blocks
  • TFixed downloading results from dashboard widgets
  • Content Site admin produces entity error when using unescaped entities in Default Logo Alt Text or Title Prefix
  • Fix to allow opening of dialogs that use Tab Nav pattern (Block Library, etc)
  • Fixed Form Block Results report to limit FieldName list to the correct BlockID
  • Additional fixes to correct SmartSearch Admin tab being always disabled
  • Fixed NWS.Modules.LoadResources to allow initList to be optional


  • Saving data items generates an error: "Operand type clash: geography is incompatible with decimal"
  • No Keyword Filtering Option displays when adding a Data List Block
  • Data Item Save Error: Implicit conversion from data type xml to nvarchar is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.
  • TreeView/Results Listed not as expected after actions like create/move page
  • Clicking in the Nav Tree should deselect a page from the Results in the Edit Pane
  • Better error handling for Block Editor exceptions


  • Unable to import data site records
  • Unable to multi-tag and edit easily
  • Data list editor doesn't open
  • Cloning a theme that has no layout or style CSS file assigned throws key not present error
  • After unchecking the "Limit results to items with assigned attributes" checkbox, the option disappears
  • Prev/Next buttons in Data List refresh page and jump to top of screen
  • Add svg to recognized types in Titan Admin
  • Issue editing a Filter Block to remove children of a selected/included page
  • Nav Tree Children are not indented in Block Library Filter Block Edit
  • Display gets wonky when blocks are added
  • Layout overlap within Data List Block in Data Editing Config
  • Classes Available list show unexpected results
  • Update Scroll Position After Editing Blocks
  • FAQ and links issue
  • Data List Editor won't open if Root selection includes gaps in selected child nodes
  • Forms Editor Test does not send an email
  • GetBreadcrumbNavWithInjection failing with multiple roots error on page with Data Detail block
  • Data List Editor - After Adding Calendar Filter, there is option to add again behavior differs from v6
  • Data List Editor - cannot configure filter display when only Calendar filter control selected
  • Make AllowSnippet Data Table column backward compatible in usp_SaveSchemaTables
  • The cloned More menu Tab button incorrectly becomes disabled when switching to Content tab
  • Admin - Content Site - Theme config UI Issues
  • Filter Support JS does not load in time when page has multiple data lists
  • Created Entry to data site and no name displays
  • After configuring the calendar control for a data list, then returning to the block, the config is reset
  • Can't choose where to place a new column in a data schema (only goes to bottom)
  • Scroll to newly added block in WCM
  • Layout issue in data table building
  • Warnings extend beyond their frame on small screens
  • Add hover text to app ribbon icons
  • Fix for Filter block listing of files; when navigating back in browser history, the filters were not reapplied
  • Fix for upgrade issue in v7.0 upgrade script for deleting block copies for deprecated blocks.


  • Add a Preview Button
  • File Import Task - ReadElementContentAsBase64 method is not supported on this XmlReader
  • Publish operation produces an error after successfully publishing
  • Fix for intermittent issue causing Snippet tab to not activate 
  • Fix for intermittent missing Site-level snippets on display-side for Data sites
  • Fix for intermittent Display-side Refresh App Vars failures caused by incorrect Authorization headers
  • Removed legacy inline styling on Block Preview in the Workstation
  • Fix for pages that 301 redirect to not be stored indefinitely in browser caches
  • Fix for Workstation Login Retry being the cached response in browser caches
  • Fix for file URLs not fully qualified when coming from mapped Data site columns


The following issues were resolved only for the 7.1 release. These were developed independent of the 7.0 codebase and may not be easily ported to previous versions. 

  • Open Graph Base Update
  • Getting CSS Classes Within a Theme causes unexpected results to the font display, specifically font weight
  • Sort Order in Data List Block shows as changed upon initial opening for edit
  • Date Value is not Retained in Data List Item when returning to edit (own column)
  • Filter Support JS does not load in time when page has multiple data lists
  • Form Block Results Export Does Not Include Date Submitted
  • Difficult to Switch Data Detail Templates, Publish and Have changes persist
  • URL for Viewing Form Results is Incorrect
  • Data Editor: Double click and context menu for "Titan Forms" does not bring up field editor dialog
  • Data Editor: Field editor does not allow entering error message
  • Data Editor: User allowed to select canned validation (e.g. Email) and Validation Data (RegExp, Function Name) still editable
  • Data Editor: Field editor throws javsacript error RegExTest is not defined when testing regular expression
  • Data Editor Display Side: Clicking Date Picker icon throws DP_EnableCalendar javascript error
  • Installed pre-release and Data Detail pages for Data Items stopped working
  • Newly added freeform content not displaying after sort
  • Titan Admin Content Site edit pane jumps when editing fields
  • Titan Admin: Nice if adding Table, Relationship, Display Templates or Lookup to Data Schema takes you to the corresponding tab so you can see your new item
  • Cannot remove Data Fields from Data Table
  • Data Detail: Change detector not mapped to Open in Dialog option
  • Add sort date as a linked property for data sites
  • Decouple Base License package from from Base Build process


Version 7.0

Original Release Date: August 4, 2020

Features & Enhancements

Streamlined User Interface

The Titan CMS Workstation has been streamlined to improve productivity. The App Ribbon combines access to the application modules with the Create and Publish actions and the edit tabs to provide an approachable, yet powerful management experience.

Search Breadcrumb

The Workstation now features an interactive search breadcrumb utility that makes finding content based on filters much easier. The SearchCrumb tracks recent searches and provides navigation-based suggestions.

Drag and Drop Dashboard

The home screen of the Workstation is now even more flexible. All widgets support drag and drop organization.

Resizable Tree and Edit Pane

For very large content trees, the ability to resize the Tree area is a must have. Additionally, being able to enlarge the Edit Pane makes working with large format content much friendlier.

Page Action Menu

Most of the old toolbar actions are now located in the Page Actions Menu button visible on the results tab, putting common actions closer to the items being selected.

Resizable Results Columns

Browse Views, which are used to present a table of Results in the Workstation, now have resizable columns. 

Add a Block Menu / Block Library

The new Add a Block menu presents a nice library view of available system blocks, as well as personal and global block copies. In addition, block copies now store style and zone information that is automatically applied when added to content pages.

Content Blocks

Working with the block stack has been improved to allow drag and drop ordering. In addition, block editors now take up the full width of the Edit Pane. Workstation block rendering has been enhanced to apply your website styling for a more realistic content preview.

Specific Block Enhancements

Freeform Video

The CKEditor was enhanced to insert HTML5 video tags, replacing the FlowPlayer video player integration.

Form Labels

The Form Editor block now supports configuration of label tags on inputs for improved accessibility.

Filter Configuration

The configuration of Tags as filters in the Filter block have been enhanced to match the implementation of filters in Data List. This gives users a more consistent way of building page filters.

MVC Applications

The Application block has been enhanced to support Razor view files and MVC applications as content, including continued support for .NET WebForms code and external URLs.

Immediate Change Detection and Validation

Input fields in the Workstation provide immediate feedback when changed. This includes inline validation messages.

Simplified Admin Configuration

The Titan Admin module configuration tree has been simplified so that users have access to more configuration elements in a single screen, reducing the number of clicks to make changes to the environment. Additionally, changes in Titan Admin no longer require users to perform a “Refresh App Vars” call for the updating of cached configuration data.

Technology Upgrades

Northwoods is committed to keeping various technologies that support Titan CMS current, including:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 and MVC 5.2.7

Also included in this release are upgrades to third-party tool integrations, including:

  • CKEditor 4.13.0
  • dtSearch 7.92

In addition to these upgrades, dependence on third-party libraries has been reduced by removing the Telerik controls libraries that provided Navigation Tree control in the Workstation, allowing greater flexibility and opportunity for tree enhancements. Additionally, support for the FlowPlayer video player control was removed in favor of the now-standard HTML5 video tag.

Finally, while not a third-party library, Silverlight controls that supported multi-file upload and Data imports in older versions of Internet Explorer were deprecated.

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancements from v6.9.5.69

Fixed since 6-10-2020

Issue: Requesting What’s New content in navigation calls results in error

Enhancement: Allow passing of encoding type to mail providers

Enhancement: Remove Captcha tokens and personally identifiable information from form submission emails

Enhancement: Return Tag and Attribute identifiers with Data List content

Issue: Advanced Search not finding results based on workflow assignments

Version 6.9.5

Original Release Date: January 3, 2019

Features & Enhancements

Responsive Template Enhancements “ReFlex”

In version 6.9, we introduced the new Responsive Template called ReFlex. In version 6.9.5, we advanced the new ReFlex Theme to provide a polished, professional experience to your end users. ReFlex Theme highlights added:

  • Responsive means support across devices as well as modern browsers.
  • Smooth scrolling, block animations, and header/menu transitions provide a polished, professional look.
  • Modular approach to the ReFlex Theme means a wide array of layouts and user experiences are possible. With ReFlex, you won’t need to settle for another cookie-cutter template.

Administration Improvements

How a CMS responds to various requests can have a big impact on user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). With version 6.9.5, we paid close attention to how Titan CMS responds to various requests to ensure the default "out-of-the-box" behavior is optimal for the request being made. We also moved the control of this default behavior into the Titan CMS workstation to allow our end users full control over how Titan CMS responds to various requests.

  • New Global Parameter allowing domain level configuration of the following:
    • Friendly 404 Page
    • Default domain home page
    • Robots.txt
    • Alternate, "vanity", domains
  • Additional flexibility for Content Site Theme level code snippets with ability to add snippets immediately after opening BODY tag or before closing BODY tag
  • Enhanced Mail Provider support allowing use of 3rd party services such as SendGrid or MailChimp for delivery of your Titan CMS based emails

Security Features

Northwoods has always engaged in best security and privacy by design practices. With version 6.9.5, we continue this tradition by providing some tweaks to Titan CMS’s already secure framework:

  • Our team studied up on the latest regulations related to data privacy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CPA) going into effect in 2020 and took what we learned to perform an audit of Titan CMS tracking and analytics features. We removed or anonymized any personally identifiable information logged by Titan CMS features. For more information on the new standards and why this is important, read our recent blog.
  • Encryption of sensitive meta-information (Global Parameters) provides an extra layer of protection to sensitive data such as API credentials and other instance meta-data needing to be stored in an encrypted format.
  • New data encryption libraries allow us to use the latest encryption technologies available to protect sensitive application data.
  • Native TLS 1.2 support.

Platform Installer

With version 6.9.5, we introduce the Titan CMS Platform Installer. The Titan CMS Platform Installer is a foundational component of the next generation of Titan CMS. It promises to simplify installations and upgrades. In addition, it is key to supporting a Titan CMS Marketplace where Titan CMS add-ins and upgrades will be made available for enhancing your Titan CMS instance down the road. Here are some highlights of the Platform Installer:

  • Streamlines installation, upgrade, and aftermarket add-in installation through web-based package manager.
  • Supports complex, web-farm environments by fully handling file synchronization between all nodes in the farm
  • Pre-requisite for access to future Titan CMS Marketplace add-ins

Technical Updates

Ensuring Titan CMS runs on currently supported underlying technologies is critical to maintaining a secure, stable environment. With version 6.9.5, the following technology upgrades have been tested and approved:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL 2016
  • Latest.NETv4.7.2 means better security including default support for TLS 1.2
  • Upgraded the built-in organic search engine, dtSearch, to latest 64-bit version. Includes performance and security updates, Additional support now available for extracting embedded document objects, improved PDF hit highlighting, indexing OneNote (*.one), iCalendar (*.ics), iWork, Numbers, Keynote, Azure blobs, Adobe Photo metadata, encrypted PDFs, SharePoint data, and Hancom (*.hwp) files.


With Titan CMS, our clients have come to expect fast load times and a problem free experience. With version v6.9.5, we deliver several new optimizations to improve page load times, scalability, and minimize resource demands:

  • Bundling and minification for all cascading stylesheet (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) files referenced from your Titan environment is now standard. This includes support for deferred and asynchronous loading of assets.
  • Improved use of caching headers and eTags improve page load times by reducing server domain and better leveraging web browser cache.
  • Caching improvements for secure sites (extranets, intranets, member sites, etc.). We’ve updated the session-based navigation caching for secure and mixed-security sites to reduce the memory footprint, improve load time, and better support high-traffic intranet/extranet sites on fewer resources.
  • Database maintenance tasks improvements
    • Disk Sweeper Task (keeps physical file storage optimized and minimized) optimized to greatly reduce the execution time and resource overhead for large File Piles
    • Database Cleanup Background Job optimizations to reduce execution time, locking related issues (i.e. “CMS is Busy” message), and resource overhead for large databases

Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.79

Updated: Data Detail page breadcrumbs now show Data Item Page Name 

Updated: Disabled web service documentation protocol to improve security

Updated: Suppress web service errors on the display side to prevent leaking sensitive information 

Fixed: Addressed issues resulting from Chrome changes to handling of SameSite cookie directive.

Fixed: XML External Entity exploit in Form AJAX submission endpoint

Fixed: Indexes not being created when two separate Data Relationships point at same Data Table and Data Field

Fixed: Data Editor requiring ReCaptcha when disabled in the block config but enabled at the site level

Fixed: Scenario allowing Data Editor to redirect to success page after error occurred

Fixed: Timeout when deleting large Content sites (+10,000 pages)

Fixed: Addressed encoding issue in Titan Forms Editor email body due to upgrading runtime to .NET 4.7+

Fixed: Advanced Search not finding workflow assignments

Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.54

New: Added dataLayer push to Titan Forms submit for GTM

Updated: Included <urlset xmlns=""> in Site Map XML per Google Best Practices

Updated: Forced HTTPS for Google API Key link

Updated: Added support to ensure multiple forms can exist on same page without conflict

Updated: Improved performance of Image Picker when large Document Change Log

Fixed:  Data Editors unable to upload new Data Items if not in Webmaster role

Fixed: Features depending on admin proxy account failing if CMSAdmins group removed from Display Security

Fixed: Addressed performance issue with reading workstation configuration data resulting in periodic timeout

Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.48

New:  Introduced Site Map Index XML

New: Added sitemap.xml to root of each domain

Updated: Enabled dtSearch support by default

Updated: Increased Workstation Browse View timeout to support large data sets

Updated: Added ability to provide domain parameters to support configuratio meta at the domain level

Fixed:  Smart Search Keyword and Results Edit Managed Results Failing if SearchDescriptionOrder had trailing comma

Fixed: Home page links updated to reflect root "/" vs Page URL of home page

Fixed: Content Import failing to create Lookup attributes with special characters

Fixed: Content Import failure when using Chrome  over HTTP/2

Fixed: Eliminated CSS vulnerability in Forms Editor Block when passing default field values through query string

Fixed: Include display side libraries in preview to ensure required JavaScript and CSS present

Fixed: Forms Editor not emailing when multiple recipients separated with comma

Fixed: Background Task skipping scheduled times

Fixed: Duplicate Teaser Image showing in Smart Search Results

Fixed: Empty filters displayed when Calendar control enabled in Data List block

Fixed: External search provider not being invoked if dtSearchInstalled flag disabled


Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.0

Fixed: Workstation block sorting issues

Fixed: Content Picker Display Security issue preventing linking in certain scenarios

Fixed: Subject line for forms submitted via POST differ from those submitted via AJAX

Fixed: Themes - CSS view and scroll results Failed to load CSS; the operation is insecure

Fixed: Data Site Import failing with legacy related link fields missing titan-linktype attribute

Updated: Cumulative update for ReFlex Theme address various display issues

Updated: Allow marking Forms Editor checkbox required

Version 6.9

Original Release Date: June 28, 2017

Features & Enhancements

Responsive Template

We have pulled the plug on our old themes and replaced them with a fully responsive theme that we call ReFlex. This is a Variable Color Theme and is easy to modify using the Theme Creation wizard in Titan Administration. 

CSS Minification and Preprocessing

With the new theme we are beginning to use CSS Custom Properties, also known as CSS variables. Until native support for variables exists for all browsers, we've implemented a simple CSS preprocessor that handles variable substitution, and performs minification on all our CSS files. In the end, Titan v6.9 offers improved CSS coding flexibility and performance.

Drag and Drop Images and Files

We've added the ability for authors and editors to drag and drop images and files directly into freeform editors. We automatically upload the files to user defined destinations, and place image thumbnails or links into the content.

CKEditor Upgrade / Accessibility Checker

We have upgraded to CKEditor version 4.6.2, and have enabled the Accessibility Checker. This plugin includes a wide array of accessibility tests for improving your freeform content to meet requirements for accessible content. 

Bugs Fixed from v6.8

Issue: Searching in Titan wkst for a string that looks like a number with a decimal (e.g. "6.8") returns an error
Issue: Keyword filter for "*" causes an error in Data List block
Issue: Editing related links does not populate linked text
Issue: Links fields containing &'s produce errors
Issue: Unable to upload SEO optimization file
Issue: Data Site uploads report conflicts on URLs without .htm extension
Issue: Titan installer can't detect IIS on Windows 2016 server
Issue: Short Teaser text doesn't render for data list block
Issue: Lookup attributes not activating when using SkipWorkflow
Issue: Application initialization errors cause invalid cached state
Issue: Data Import incorrectly reports that multi-select tag attributes are present in data file where a single select tag was expected
Issue: Site Imports fail to correctly map old DocID to new DocID
Issue: Data Detail pages don't render their page-level snippets
Issue: Links columns do not render their content in Lists or Details
Issue: Version restore and page move operations cause new BlockID values to be calculated
Issue: iCalendar handler doesn't render time correctly in 24-hour format
Issue: Smart Search views with the Start Page aggregate column will timeout for large instances
Issue: Favorite Icon site configuration help text doesn't open
Issue: Form Block doesn't recognize form inputs for field picker if the editor was closed from Source mode
Issue: NavTree searches don't find tree items when searching for partial Link Parameters or Aliases
Issue: Link verifier incorrectly identifies newly created but yet to be published items as "Active" rather than "In Progress"
Issue: Link verifier incorrectly identifies old versions of documents as "Awaiting Approval"
Issue: Password Hint validation fails on improper case of answer
Issue: Chrome PDF Viewer extension causes cosmetic issues in Workstation preview of PDFs
Issue: FAQ Return Text doesn't support ampersand (&) and other XML-restricted characters
Issue: TOC Block doesn't render Commenting & Rating Links when Site navigation caching is disabled
Issue: Clicking a teaser image in search results does not log a click to Smart Search
Issue: Enabling reCAPTCHA produces display error messages
Issue: Links fields targeting single Data Tables do not give Link Text or Open in New Window options

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