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File Naming Recommendations

Here are guidelines to help you name images, PDFs, Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.

  • Choose a file name that is descriptive of the document.
  • We recommend that file names have dashes or underscores between words before uploading. Spaces in the filename will be dropped when the file is uploaded.
    Example: Titan CMS Meeting Minutes.pdf becomes TitanCMSMeetingMinutes.pdf
  • If you have a new version of the same file, the filenames do not have to match (between the version in Titan CMS and your new version). See Upload a New Version of a File for more information.
  • When you upload a file, the file name (with the file extension) goes into the Page Name field in Properties. Example: Titan-CMS-V7-Design-Meeting-Minutes-01172019.doc

Make the Page Name a more ‘user-friendly’ name, eliminating the dashes and the file extension: Titan CMS V7 Design Meeting Minutes (Jan. 17, 2019).

  • Avoid using noise words in your file name such as “a”, “of”, “the”, “in”
  • Avoid placing the type of file in the name. Instead of Trends-Manufacturing-pdf-2019.pdf, use Trends-Manufacturing-2019.pdf
  • Note: When naming your image, do not include the dimensions as part of the image name. The exception is a separate upload of a Teaser or Spotlight image. In this situation, it would be beneficial to include the dimensions as part of the file name.

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