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Manage Migrated Snippets from Titan CMS 7.0 and earlier

All snippets created before upgrading to Titan CMS v7.1 and above will be preserved and migrated to a unique Raw Snippet on each of the Pages, Data Items, Content Globes, Page Layouts, and Data Sites. You can access these by navigating to the Snippets section for the desired location and editing the applied Raw Snippet. Northwoods suggests migrating these Snippets into new Templates and applying them to the correct location.

Migrating Snippets from Raw Snippets

  1. Copy the code of the snippet you wish to migrate out of the Raw Snippet.
  2. Create a new snippet template.
  3. Paste the code into the newly created snippet template.
  4. Replace values that need to be managed dynamically with snippet parameters.
    1. See “Create a Snippets Template” step 5.
  5. Save the template.
  6. Navigate to the Snippets section of a page, data item, Content Globe, Page Layout, or Data Site that this snippet is currently used on.
  7. Move the newly created template from the Available Values to the Selected Snippets.
  8. Map any snippet parameters via the pop-up dialog.
  9. Click to edit the Raw Snippet.
  10. Delete out the code that matches the newly created snippet template.
  11. Publish and/or Save the change.

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