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Create A Snippets Template

  1. Open the Titan Administration Module.
  2. Select Snippets from the Nav Tree panel. When you first access Snippets, you will see the system-generated templates. These cannot be deleted or modified. create snippets template
  3. Click Create in the App Ribbon.
  4. Enter a detailed Name for your Snippet. This will be the name all users see when adding this snippet to sites.
  5. Expand your newly created snippet.
  6. Type or paste your code snippet into the Code field. If your code requires dynamic values, replace the specific space with {{ParameterName}}
    • Replace ParameterName with a meaningful name that represents this value
    • Parameter Names cannot contain spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.
    • If your snippet contains multiple unique parameters, each will need to have a distinct name.
    • Correctly formatted parameters will display below in the Parsed Parameter Names section below the code field. parsed parameter names

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