Titan CMS Full Feature List

From blogs to custom application integration, Titan CMS offers a many robust features to meet the needs of various organizations, from small non-profits to large corporations. 


Supported File Types
You can provide Word Docs, PDFs, CAD files and just about any other type of documents or image to your users. And yes, Titan supports video files such as MP4, WebM, Ogg, FLV as well as most audio file formats.

Importing Files and Images
Titan CMS includes a scheduled file import tool that automatically uploads and synchronizes external files with Titan CMS.  Titan images also automatically creates multiple image sizes with a single upload, so you can say goodbye to coping and resizing images.

Quick Page Layouts
Titan CMS has a simple dropdown list that contains all the layout options available for a page. By default, new pages will inherit the page layout from a parent page (or the page it lives under).

SEO and Metadata Management
Metadata and other search properties are crucial for strong SEO and internal site search. As a SEO friendly CMS, Titan makes it easy to tinker with SEO properties if you want to. If you don't, you can let Titan take care of the basics for you.

Browser-based Content Authoring
You don’t have to go all techie or sit through hours of training to start creating and editing content. You can learn a few things and then feel your way through naturally. And yes, you can work at home or while on a business trip.


Templated Page Layouts
Once your website template is designed to fit your needs -  make your site look good on anything from desktops to mobile phones.

Content Properties
Every page, file and data record in Titan CMS can leverage a variety of common properties, so every page on your site does exactly what you want it to do. Some specific features include: 

  • Set a unique page name for each page on your website
  • Create friendly URLs to improve SEO
  • Use alias URLs to give multiple URLs to one webpage
  • Start/end dates can automatically be set to post or remove content from your site
  • Enter in Metatag Keywords to help search engines better understand your website’s content
  • Create your own Metatag Descriptions to entice readers to click on your website once it displays on search engine result pages
  • Develop short and long teaser text for each page allowing users to navigate your website’s filter blocks
  • Add imagery to your filter blocks by uploading teaser Images and alt text to each page
  • Set your navigation caching prioritization to increase the speed of your site for your users
  • Decided what pages you want to show up in the different navigation zones of your site
  • Enable the What's New property to have handpicked webpages appear in your What’s New block
  • Choose to audit your pages to keep track of how many times a page was loaded and how quickly
  • Select which pages to index (for search), appear in the RSS feeds, or show up in the site map
  • Make content available for sharing across the website instead of needed to retype it every time
  • Check SSL to establish an encrypted link between a server and a client
  • Create customizable fields to make your content entry an even smoother process

Content Tagging
Tag pages or files to create an easy to use filter for your users. They will be able to quickly find the products or services they need.

Multi-Tag and Edit.
Select multiple items to make bulk edits, or just select a few. Titan's multi-tag and editing features will improve efficiency and productivity by allowing you to edit multiple page properties at once.


Full Preview
Everything works in Titan CMS preview pages, so you will have confidence in a page’s function as well as its appearance before you publish a change.

Social Media
Integrate your website with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Titan CMS has a standard utility that allows site visitors to share content from a developed site to their preferred social media platforms.

Hyperlinks keep working after pages are moved around because Titan CMS keeps the original URL. If a URL to a page is intentionally changed, Titan CMS remembers the previous URL so the links will not break. 


Functionality like registration forms, search boxes, and FAQs are ready to use in Titan CMS. Titan CMS comes with an extensive list of standard content blocks for creating content on your website:

Use content from another website or source (such as a calendar or local weather information) to display on your website. 

You provide the what, when and where and Titan CMS takes it from there by adding and displaying the event on your calendar.

Data List
With the help of filter blocks you can showcase your data in an easy to scan list for your users (such as a list of products or events).

Data Detail
Once your users find and select the item they are looking for in your data list, a data detail block will display all the details pertaining to that product or event. 

Data Editor
Login to your Titan CMS instance and enter or edit information into an existing data table.

Frequently Asked Question
Do your clients ask the same questions over and over again? Display a list of popular questions and provide the answers in a standard FAQ format.

File Upload
Have an intranet or extranet? Allow employees or a selected group of user to upload files into your database.

Need help organizing your information in an easy to use manner for your users? Let them narrow down their search with keywords or tag selections. Users can filter content using text inputs, checkboxes, or dropdown menus.

Tag Navigation
Now that your filter block is up and running, reuse your filter categories as links on other pages. These links will take your users back a filter block with the link category preselected.

Forms Editor
Grow your contact list by adding forms to your website. When visitors complete your form, Titan CMS can email the data while also storing it in a database.

Are you familiar with Microsoft Word? Then you already know how to use the freeform block. You can copy and paste content, add graphics, or create links using a WYSIWYG editor. This is the most widely used block in Titan CMS and the most intuitive.

Do you have gated content for your premium users? Use the login block to require login information before allowing access to some of your first-class content.

Page Share
Makes reusing content, such as contact information or any call-to-action, across multiple pages a cinch. Write content once and share it anywhere on your site with the click of a button. Editing the original write-up will update the information anywhere it was shared on the site.

Web visitors love images. Easily add your pictures to image galleries so your users can see all your great photos. 

Are you one of those rare individuals who loves to hand code? We understand. The Raw HTML block lets those more advanced web users enter their own HTML.

Do you have gated content for your premium users? Use the registration block to allow web visitors to setup user accounts and gain access to some of your first-class content.

Authenticate user accounts and maintain user profiles by asking users to provide their username and passwords before gaining access to their account.

Search Results
Users like to find what they are looking for ASAP. Choose what pages to display for each search. You can also help your user better decide which page to select by writing custom page title and teaser text for the search results.

Segmented Search Results
Have a lot of content and media files? Display your search results into different group (such as events, workshops or news) so your users can find exactly what they are looking for.  

Site Map
Help your website become more search engine friendly by creating a map of links to the pages that make up your website.

Table of Contents
(TOC) - Need a quick, straightforward tool for presenting a list of pages as links? Then you found the right block!

What's New
Need to draw attention to new content on your website? Titan CMS will automatically highlight any special topics or events that you wish to showcase to your users.

Social Media Bookmarks
Let your users easily promote your content on their social media accounts by using this page tool. With click of a button, your visitors can share your content for you.

Feed Reader
Take an XML file with data, ranging from financial reports to podcasts, and display them on your website in a digestible format for your readers.

Google Maps Geolocation
Insert a map right on your website with pins on all of your business locations. Proximity filters help users find your nearest location to them.  


Flexible Workflow Definitions
Need to get that consultant or free-lancer into the mix? Forget about e-mail; use Titan workflow to get them right into the working documents with the ability to approve any of their changes before publication.

Workflow Email Notifications
Using its robust content management workflow tools, Titan notifies the next person in the workflow process. Stop puzzling over who needs to do what and start working together. Think of Titan CMS as another team member.

Version History
Did you make a mistake? Don't panic! Titan CMS maintains a version history of content changes. If you publish a change to your website and discover the change has harmed the appearance or functionality of your website, you can restore your website to a previous working version. 


Novice User Interface
Start your intern or temp right away. Create a simpler working interface that eliminates details your beginners don’t need to worry about.

The Titan CMS Dashboard is a great tool for quickly accessing content that needs your attention, items you've worked on recently, and your most popular content, so you can pick up exactly where you left off. 

Browse Views
Browse through your pages in a way that makes your content management life easier. Need to easily see what date each page was created? Then create a view that lists each page by date instead of opening each page one by one.

Separation of Content from Presentation
Titan CMS content is stored and managed separately from the code, ensuring enforcement of corporate design standards. IT professionals are more productive because they can edit and reuse templates while content creators don't have to worry about breaking a website's look and feel. 

Customizable Interfaces
Customize your work station interface by adding new functionality and modules to streamline your content creation and editing processes. You can modify the behavior many features, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Titan Lite (Novice User) Interface
  • Custom Property Fields
  • Freeform WYSIWYG Editor toolbars
  • User Properties tabs
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Titan CMS Workstation Modules
  • Background Tasks
  • Grid Views for various content types

Functional Extension
Yes, we’ve built all sorts of helpful defaults and automatic processes into Titan CMS. You can even implement your own data or product information in ways easy for your users to navigate. Titan CMS supports the development of the following:

  • Data Sites
  • Blocks
  • Block XSLs
  • Page Layouts
  • Page Parts (.NET Server Controls used on Page Layouts)
  • CSS files
  • Authentication Modules
  • Other standard .NET components (Http Handlers, Http Modules, Web Services, User Controls, etc.)



Sitemap XML.
Don’t worry about constantly updating your site map as you add or remove pages. Titan CMS can automatically take care of this for you.

Have your upcoming events or recent press releases easily accessible for your users. Titan CMS will help you easily update any dynamic content to keep your content fresh.


Users and Groups and Content Authorization

With Titan's unlimited users and groups, everyone in your organization will get precisely the access they need -- and no more.  Access to content can be locked-down to specific groups or categories of Titan CMS users. ​As a secure CMS, Titan gives you control over the access and security of your site on a page by page level.   


Navigation Caching
Create a better user experience by speeding up your website’s load time. Being able to cache the navigation prevents users from longer load times.

Page Response Times
Use the statics within Titan CMS to find any slow web pages, giving you the chance to find, analyze, and fix the problem.

Load Balancing (Corporate or Enterprise Edition
Titan CMS has the flexibility to run on a lot of different server architectures including load balancing environments. 


How are you doing? Titan will tell you by tracking important site analytics (like page views and load time).

Third Party Tools
Titan CMS integrates seamlessly with third party traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics and Web Trends. 


Site Search
Users can easily search keywords or phrases to find any content they need within your website. You can also use reports within Titan to review the most search terms on your site. 

Workstation Search
Nothing will frustrate you more than not being able to find the page you need to edit on the backend. Titan CMS makes connecting these dots a cinch. A simple search will easily locate the page, file, folder or data you need to edit. 



Quickly and easily achieve and maintain compliance with both current and future online privacy laws and regulations, like GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy, with our optional data privacy package. Through our partnership with CookiePro by One Trust, Titan CMS’s data privacy solution allows you to easily:

  • scan your site(s) for cookie usage
  • generate a front-end banner that matches your site’s look and feel
  • block cookies to respect prior visitor consent
  • collect cookie preferences
  • record visitor consent
  • create a cookie notice
  • develop an audit trail

To learn more, schedule a Titan CMS demo and ask about data privacy.


Achieving compliance with WCAG standards makes your website accessible to all, including those with disabilities. While U.S. organizations that receive Federal funding are required to meet WCAG standards by law, making your site accessible to everyone – regardless of legal obligation - is just good business. Our Titan CMS optional accessibility package is designed to help you meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards.


Create various code snippets - such as schema.org, Open Graph and JavaScript collections - once, then easily apply manage and apply them across websites, themes and pages. Snippets Manager saves users the time-consuming task of implementing and testing code for individual pages and data records, and gives organizations the ability to more easily follow analytics and digital marketing best practices.