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Configure Smtp In Titan Cms Overview

To configure SMTP for a Titan CMS 6.9.5 or higher instance, you need to update the MailProvidersConfig Global Parameter found under Titan Administration > Global Parameters > Extensibility. mail providers config

This is an XML config with following definitions:

  • Provides configuration settings for providers.
  • Providers - root element
  • Provider - defines a single provider.
  • @ProviderName - friendly name of provider, must be unique to Provider elements
  • @IsDefault - flag indicating whether default provider. 1 - use as default provider, 0 - do not use as default provider, only one Provider should be marked default
  • @ProviderClass - Fully Qualified Class and Assembly Name of Provider implementation of IMailProvider
  • Settings - root container for provider specific settings
  • Setting - Element contains value for setting defined by @name attribute

​​​​​​​The default provider element for Titan CMS instances is:

<Provider ProviderName="SMTP" IsDefault="1" ProviderClass="NorthwoodsSoftwareDevelopment.Cms.Components.SmtpEmailProvider, CmsMailSupport">


<Setting name="MailHostName">localhost</Setting>



If there are no Settings defined, the MailHostName falls back to the legacy MailHostName property found under Global Parameters > Environment. This is typically localhost or

The valid optional settings for the SMTP Email Provider are:

<Setting name="MailHostName">[HOST to SMTP server]</Setting>

<Setting name="MailHostPort">[SMTP port for SMTP server, only specify if not using standard port 25 (or 465 if enableSSL flag set to 1)]</Setting>

<Setting name="enableSSL">[0 or not specified – send mail over unencrypted connection, 1 – send mail over encrypted connection.  SMTP must support encryption and must specify proper port if different than 465]</Setting>

<Setting name="username">[username to authenticate to SMTP server if using authenticated server]</Setting>

<Setting name="password">[password corresponding to username setting]</Setting>

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