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App Ribbon Overview

The App Ribbon is used to act on the entire item being managed (page, file, event, product) as well as to refresh site navigation, get help, and logout. These icons will be enabled/disabled depending upon your security settings and tasks you are performing.

app ribbon




create icon


Creates a new page, file, folder, event, etc. in the Titan CMS workstation. Upon clicking New, you will be prompted to enter a Page, File, or Folder Name.

publish button menu icon

Publish Button Menu

Options include: Save, No Workflow Save (webmasters only), Decline and Preview.

save icon


Saves your changes to the page, file, folder, event currently being edited, but does not publish it. You will be prompted if you forget to perform a Save.

publish approve icon


Approves a step in the workflow (if in use) or publishes a page to the web if there is no workflow, or if it is the final step of workflow.

no workflow save icon

No Workflow Save

This is only viewed and used by Webmaster logins. It allows an override of workflow to save and publish.

decline icon


Decline sends edits back to the author for updates prior to publishing. The author must publish the page again to restart the approval process after an editor declines it. This is only activated if workflow is turned on.

preview icon


Allows you to preview the page or file to see how it will appear on the live site before you publish it

results icon


Allows you to search, view different details, jump, edit and multi-edit a list of pages, files or data.

content icon


This is different for pages, files and data and is where you will work with content.

properties icon


Each item has its own properties. Content pages, files and events have the same parameters except for Page URL and Page Layout.

more icon


Opens up the rest of the App Ribbon buttons.

workflow icon


Defines the approval and notification flow prior to publishing a page. It can be one to four-steps. This is not enabled on every site.

security icon


Allows you to set pages, files and events on your website to display only for certain users.

history icon

Version History

Allows you to preview a past version of the document and set it to be active again.

tags icon


Tags are used for organizing your pages, files and events into related terms.

notes icon


Allows you to track information regarding the page such as changes and updates.

comments icon


Allows you to process any Comments & Ratings for that specific item. This is not enabled on every site.

statistics icon


Displays user visit statistics for the item. Audit should be checked for a page's properties or statistics won’t appear.

notes icon


Allows you to manage snippets on a page, site, or layout level.

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