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Add A Linked Page

  1. Find the "parent" of the page you wish to create in the Nav Tree and highlight it (click it).
  2. Click Create in the App Ribbon. create linked page app ribbon
  3. Enter the page name and verify the parent page, if applicable, is correct. new page or link
  4. Make sure Linked Page is selected and click Done.  
  5. When you click Done, the linked page will be in an “editing” workflow state. You will see the typical gold triangle to tell you that. However, note the change in the icon associated with this linked page – it is a chain to indicate linking. page url
  6. The Content edit screen looks entirely different from the standard content page.create content app ribbon
  7. Hit Edit. Select the type of content the page should link to.
  8. Click Browse.
  9. Use the Content Explorer to select the link to your desired content. It can be a page, file or data. content picker
  10. Find the item you want to link to, click on its title and then click Done.
  11. You will now see the link destination URL and the changed state flag should be present. link destination
  12. Publish the page and test the linked page on the website.

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