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Add A Filter Block To A Page

  1. Use the workstation tree to navigate to your page.
  2. Go to your Add A Block menu. Choose Filter.add a block choose filter
  3. The Filter Block Editor will open. select root
  4. Expand the sitemap for your globe and select a page that has child pages. filter select root
  5. Scroll down and find the “Display Settings” section. display settings
    1. Give your section a title
    2. Choose a filter block style
    3. Select if you would like teaser text to appear
    4. Click the box next to Links > Page Name or your page names won’t be clickable links to those pages.
    5. Select if you would like to show link text after the teaser text. select links filter block
    6. Select if you would like your results listing to paginate
    7. If Comments and Ratings are enabled for your site, select if you want ratings to appear
    8. Select if you would like the last published date for list items to appear.
  6. Click Done. You should now see the Filter Block has been added to your page. sample filter block add filter block
  7. Preview your page. Experiment with the selection of different content pages or files as your source.
  8. Once you have found a result set that you want to continue to work with, publish your page.

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