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Add Sites To The Site Map Index

Screen shot of titan administration

  1. In Titan Administration Module, expand Global Parameters.
  2.  Select Request Handling.
  3. Click to expand DomainConfig.
  4. In the Parameter Value, find the RegisteredDomain you want to add a Site Map Index to.
    Screen shot of site map index
  5. Insert the following code before the </RegisteredDomain> code:




  1. Your code should look like this:
    Site map index screen shot
  2. Add an IncludedNonContentSiteID element with the Internal Site Identifier for every file pile or data site you would like included in the Site Map Index for the domain:



  1. Click Save in the App Ribbon.
  2. Then, click to Refresh Site State.
  3. Your Site Map will now include an index of all site maps related to that domain.
    screen shot of site map index in a browser

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