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Site Map Index Overview

Titan CMS 6.9.5 introduced a Site Map Index for all Registered Domains. This is a site map index XML file located at the root of the domain (i.e. for all content, file, and data sites associated with the registered domain.

While file and data sites are not assigned a Primary Display DNS like Content Sites, the Site Map Index enhancement allows specifying file and data sites belonging to a domain by specifying their Internal Site Identifiers in the Registered Domain Configuration for the domain.

WARNING: Incorrect configuration in the DomainConfig Global Parameter can result in improper website behavior including inability for end users to access the display. It is strongly recommended that the value be edited with an XML editor to verify it is valid XML before saving changes. 

Default Site Map Index

A domain that does not have this configured will have the default Site Map Index:

Site Map Index Overview

DomainConfig Properties

The DomainConfig Global Parameter under Request Handling has been updated to support the following optional XML fragment that goes under the root of the RegisteredDomain element:





Site Map Index XML Vocabulary

XML Fragment



Contains optional IncludedNonContentSiteIDs and ExcludedSiteIDs elements


Child of SiteMapIndexSettings element.  Contains the Internal SiteID value for all non-content Sites to be included in the Site Map Index for the domain


Child of SiteMapIndexSettings element.  Contains the internal SiteID value for all sites to be excluded from the Site Map Index

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