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Add Content From The Content Library To A Page

  1. Open a page.
  2. Click the Add Content button. 

add content button

  1. Click to open the Content Library. 

open the content library

  1. The Content Library picker will show the following content types:
    1. Global (available to all authors in your Titan CMS instance).
       global content library
    2. Personal (available only to yourself).
       personal content library
    3. Online Templates (created and maintained by the Titan CMS team).
       online templates
  2. Click on any content template to read a description of the content, as well as a list of what kind(s) of blocks are used in the template:

 feature content

  1. Click insert button:
     insert button icon
  2. The copied content will appear in your edit screen.
    ​​​​​​​ copied content​​​​​​​
  3. Make any content adjustments needed and publish the page.

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