Titan CMS Drag and Drop Editor

Titan CMS Drag and Drop Editor

Titan CMS Drag and Drop Editor

New Feature in Titan CMS v6.9.


The new drag and drop editor in Titan CMS v6.9 allows users to drag files from their computers into freeform blocks. This allows users to quickly add files or images to webpages without manually uploading each image to the file pile. This CMS drag and drop feature works only with freeform blocks.


How the new drag and drop software works with images:



When you drag an image into a freeform block, the image will display where you dropped it. You can adjust the size the and alt text after placing the image. The image will also be stored in your file pile. (More on where in your image lands in your file pile later in this blog.)


How this drag and drop software works with PDF files:



When you drag a PDF into a freeform block, a link to that document will display where you dropped it. The link will default to the name of the file, but can be changed after the link is placed. The document will be added to your file pile.


Getting an “Upload Disabled” error message?




If you tried this new feature and received the error message shown above, you need to set your drag and drop destination settings – that is, tell Titan CMS where you want these images or files to go in your file pile.

Click on the gear icon to set this drag and drop destination.


You will get this message if website drag and drop upload is disabled because you haven’t previously activated it:


To activate the drag and drop feature, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your Titan CMS Administration.


  1. Click on your Global Parameters and navigate to Common Site Configuration.


  1. Find the block titled DragAndDropAllowUsersUploadFolder and expand this block open.
  2. Change the parameter value from 0 to 1.


  1. Save your change and refresh the workstation.


Where are the files going in the file pile?

Once you have completed the five steps, you can click on the gear icon to set your drag and drop destination.


You can choose from three destination settings: default destination, your system default destination, or your default destination. Available options depend on your administration access level.


Default Destination, an administrator-defined property, controls the destination Folder to which your files will be automatically uploaded unless you provide your own default destination. This property is defined globally for the entire Titan system; settings on individual Content and Data Sites override it. The value you see here applies specifically to the site open on your screen.

System Default Destination is your personal system-wide default destination. Your files automatically upload here unless you provide a default destination for the given specific site. If this field is disabled, your administrator has chosen to bar users from choosing their own destinations.

Default Destination for this Site is your personal default destination for the current site. A selection here overrides the other default destinations. Again, your administrator can choose to disable this field.

 In the following example, I can cause my images to automatically drop into a folder called Jenna’s Files by clicking the Choose Folder button and navigating to that folder within the file pile.


Now when I drop images into any freeform block, they will appear within the file pile under the Jenna’s Files folder.


Bonus Feature

Managing duplicate images within the file pile is now easier. A user who tries to upload the same document into the same folder will be asked to choose whether to upload this image as a new file or use the existing file.


Using the existing file prevents Titan CMS from uploading the same document twice. It would instead choose the file that was previously uploaded. Titan flags the files as duplicates only if the file names are the same and the new file is directed into the same folder within the file pile.

Originally Published: Wed, July 19, 2017