TUG in Ten Minutes

TUG in Ten Minutes

Twice a year, the Northwoods team opens its Shorewood, Wis., headquarters to the Titan Users Group. Clients of Northwoods’ Titan CMS gather to discover what’s coming next to the content management system, to learn the latest tricks and updates from Northwoods experts, and to share their own knowledge and techniques.

The fall 2017 TUG event, held Nov. 9, focused on the Titan CMS v7.0 workstation update scheduled for release in 2018. Current Titan CMS users got a sneak peek at the changes, and Northwoods developers had the opportunity to seek input from those users. We make a point of listening to our clients, and not just after the fact.

Couldn’t attend on the big day? Don’t worry. Here’s the 10-minute executive summary.


General Sessions




After check-in, a quick breakfast on us and a bit of socializing, Titan CMS users heard a welcoming speech from Rick Fessenbecker, Managing Director. Fessenbecker outlined the events of the day.


New Titan CMS Launches




Pat Bieser, Northwoods Founder and CEO, highlighted recently launched Titan CMS websites of several clients. He does this at every TUG gathering. Clients always find inspiration in the ways their colleagues at other companies use Titan CMS to accomplish their goals. Beyond the formal presentations, TUG offers clients the rare chance to talk face-to-face with Titan CMS users outside of their own organizations. Everyone takes new capabilities and fresh ideas back to their own businesses.



Attendees were asked to test their knowledge of web design principles in a “Which Won?” game.


Overview of the new Titan CMS workstation


Jon Kuhl, Chief Programmer and Software Architect of Titan CMS, gave the crowd its most hotly anticipated presentation: A walk-through of the revised Titan CMS workstation. When released next year, Titan CMS v7.0 will bring a more modern look to the interface and enhance the usability of the program.




TUG attendees were the first outside Northwoods to view the update. Kuhl fielded questions and sought their feedback during this initial session, and he invited them to engage in more in-depth conversation later in the day.


Break-Out Sessions


The assembly broke into two small groups for more intimate and detailed discussions. One group focused on the 7.0 workstation update and the other on web personalization. After 45 minutes, they switched sessions.


Titan CMS v7.0 Workstation Input Session


Jon Kuhl and Pat Bieser led the groups on Titan CMS v7.0. They invited each group to share its opinions of the information in Kuhl’s earlier session. They ran through the list of all the major changes and collected feedback on each. They also opened up the conversations with this icebreaker: What did they find annoying in Titan CMS, and how might future Titan CMS v7.0 updates ease the pain?


Personalization with Titan CMS




The web personalization trend appears to be here to stay. Titan CMS already addresses certain aspects of personalization, but much more personalization is coming in v7.0. Rachel Carter, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, led a discussion on the value of website personalization and how future updates of Titan CMS could meet users’ personalization needs.


A Mid-Day Break




At lunch, clients and Northwoods employees mingled to enjoy a delicious Greek feast. While this was the end of the day for some clients, others chose to stay for individual meetings with their project teams or to join one final afternoon session.


Securing your Titan CMS site with HTTPS




As more web browsers begin to raise the visibility of websites’ security status, anything organizations can do to remain secure is key. This optional afternoon session, led by Chris Wilson, Senior Software Architect, and Amanda Koehler, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, showed TUG attendees how to secure their Titan CMS site with HTTPS.


The Event is Over, but Titan CMS v7.0 is just Beginning


The day rolled to a close and the last clients headed out the door. The event ended, but the work is never done. With the insights gained from evaluation forms, session comments and personal conversations, the Northwoods team can develop the big enhancements coming in Titan CMS v7.0 with users’ wants and needs top of mind.

Originally Published: Fri, November 10, 2017