5 Comforting Facts Every Titan CMS Beginner Should Know

5 Comforting Facts Every Titan CMS Beginner Should Know

A certain level of anxiety comes with a new content management system and website. Titan CMS novices, read on – and stop worrying.


1. You cannot break Titan CMS or your website.

We've all lost documents and emails. Naturally, we fear hitting the wrong button and watching our entire website disappear.

Won’t happen. Titan’s many safeguards make it nearly impossible to break. If you accidentally delete a file, photo or an entire page, you can simply retrieve it from the recycling bin.

Titan CMS’s version control allows you to jump to an earlier version of a document. If someone changes a document in error, you can simply revert a version that precedes those changes.

The Remove from Display option, in Page Properties, makes it easy to both preserve a document and hide it from view. 




2. Titan CMS Support: You’re not alone

All the training in the world can’t prepare you for every software issue and question. Northwoods offers a variety of Titan CMS customer-support options.

If you are unsure of how to do basic functions or need a refresher, the Titan CMS Documentation website will walk you through with step-by-step instructions. The Titan CMS blog also provides a lot of insight and tips to help you become more comfortable with the CMS.

The Titan CMS Users Group convenes twice a year at Northwoods’ Milwaukee headquarters. Participants mingle and share how they use the platform, attend workshops and see sneak previews of coming features and, most important, speak up about the features they’d like to see. Between gatherings, TUG members keep informed and in touch through a special newsletter and through their LinkedIn group.

Each Titan CMS license comes with a block of support hours. Use them to email or call Titan CMS Support for answers.

Want to dive deep? Or design and build your own Titan CMS site? Sign up for Titan CMS Training or any of our many free Northwoods Web Solutions Workshops. They cover everything from Google Analytics to Social Media Strategy and much more.


3. If you can send an email, you can use Titan CMS

Getting your head around open-source content management systems, even WordPress and Squarespace, involves a substantial learning curve. With Titan CMS, it’s more like a learning bend. If you can send an email, you can probably update a page in Titan CMS.

The freeform block, Titan CMS’s most dynamic tool, employs a WYSIWYG editor. That is, What You See Is What You Get. That makes it easy for everyone, even those with minimal computer skills, to create or update a page.




You can add and format copy and insert images and hyperlinks as easily as you would in an email or Microsoft Word document.


4. Titan CMS can do almost anything

As a new Northwoods employee, I still marvel at Titan CMS’s capabilities. I sought employment at Northwoods mostly because this robust web content management system was created locally but has an international reach. Now I use it every day and work among people involved in its creation and relentless evolution. I’ve found that it’s even more powerful than I imagined.

Northwoods aims Titan CMS and the websites built on it at a variety of industries, particularly those with complex and specific needs. Titan CMS is perfect for product pages with downloadable sell sheets and for large sites with ridiculous amounts of information.

Titan CMS shines in graphic-heavy sites that utilize the latest web design trends and features. Titan CMS proved a good fit for such entertainment ventures as Milwaukee Irish Fest and the Wisconsin Dells Trip Advisor. Titan CMS allows you to create intranets, extranets, dealer locators and more. If you are interested in a feature not listed on the Titan CMS website, please contact us. We can build what you want.


5. Titan CMS grows and changes with the times

The Titan CMS team recently released Titan CMS v6.9. Its great new features include an extensive update to the CKEditor, which ensures compliance with government standards of accessibility for internet users with disabilities. Also, a new template will help users quickly build their own responsive website themes with custom colors.

We celebrated the release of Titan CMS v6.9 in late June. Before we’d finished our celebratory root beer floats, the Titan CMS team was already discussing ideas and features for future versions. The Titan CMS team never considers its CMS a finished product. We never stop working to make Titan CMS ever more robust and user friendly.


The creators of Titan CMS feel close to their product. They conceived, built and constantly rebuild it in a small, proudly non-corporate environment. They care about Titan CMS users and crave their feedback and suggestions. (They even ask what I think.) Openness, curiosity, imagination, dedication and skill make the Titan CMS team and its product special.

Originally Published: Tue, August 15, 2017