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Titan CMS 7.3 Now Available

By Titan CMS Team
September 9, 2022

The newest version of Titan CMS, v7.3, is now available. v7.3 features several updates and new features – including enhancements requested by Titan CMS users. 

New Features

  • Content Explorer – The new Content Explorer, which replaces the Content Picker in previous versions, has been revamped to give users a more intuitive experience for selecting images and links when building content. In addition to seeing only relevant options based on the type of content a user is selecting (greatly simplifying the dialog box), Content Explorer also features:
    • The ability to quickly filter content by type, tags, keywords, URL, and date added/modified.
    • Infinite scrolling, which makes working with long resource lists easier.
    • An updated information pane provides a quick overview of common resource properties, such as URL, image preview, name, size, content type, last modified date, and user.
    • A convenient image toolbar allows easy access to view detailed image preview and properties, download images, upload new versions, and edit images.
    • A quick toggle toolbar makes switching from list to thumb views easier than ever.
    • A simplified upload dialog that makes uploading new files simple and fast.
    • Take a video tour of the new Content Explorer in this short video. 


Client-Requested Feature Enhancements

  • The Results tab in Admin now retains filter, sort, and view selections after save or publish.
  • Users can now hide Open/Close All when there’s only one question in an FAQ block.

Learn More

Visit our Version Enhancements page for more detailed release notes.

If you're a current client and are interested in upgrading to v7.3 – or if you're not already on Total Care and want to learn how you can always stay on the latest version of Titan CMS by switching to our Total Care plan – please reach out to your Business Development Manager or contact us here

By Titan CMS Team

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