Museums and Digital Archives: PastPerfect meets Titan CMS

Museums and Digital Archives: PastPerfect meets Titan CMS

Curators and archivists dedicate themselves to placing the artworks, artifacts and documents in their charge before the broadest possible audience. But at most institutions, just a fraction of those items are on view in a physical public space.

Digital archives help custodians of cultural treasures fulfill their missions by making museum holdings more accessible. Software packages, such as PastPerfect, make managing digital collections easier.

Why Northwoods & Titan CMS?

But PastPerfect comes with limitations. The package provides only a narrow website experience that curators cannot customize or integrate into museum websites or digital exhibition designs.  Northwoods design services and Titan CMS help curators hurdle the barriers inherent in the PastPerfect system.

Your museum’s online experience should be as designed and specific as its live exhibitions.  Titan CMS and PastPerfect team up well to help you achieve that and display your collections online in a creative and meaningful way.

Consider the Irish Sheet Music Archives, which was built with Titan CMS. J.G. Matthews, of Washington State University Libraries, praised the online archive in a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries: “The site sets the precedent for online archive design and functionality.”

How it works

  1. You have a vision for your online exhibit or digital archival, and it goes beyond displaying the meta data for your collections. You want to engage and educate your audience while also promoting your museum as a whole.

(Example of PastPerfect Online)

(Example of Titan CMS Online Exhibit)

Through Titan CMS, you can customize the digital exhibit experience to match the subject, audience, design or other elements of your physical exhibits.

  1. Titan does not change the way you update and maintain your collection meta data through PastPerfect. PastPerfect remains the master database for all your archival or artifact data.

  1. Titan works with PastPerfect to allow easy upload of your data, via the Export/Import tool, directly into your website, where it will display according to your digital exhibit design.

To learn more about this process, read our Irish Fest Scrapbook case study on integrating PastPerfect with Titan CMS.

Displaying your museum and archival collections to researchers, museum members and the general public on an engaging, customized platform through Titan CMS gains exposure for your collection. That exposure comes without sacrificing or complicating your easy, customary way of managing date with PastPerfect.

Contact Northwoods today to start building real online exhibitions that serve your public and your institution.

Originally Published: Fri, September 09, 2016