How Titan CMS Data Sites Can Improve Your Design

How Titan CMS Data Sites Can Improve Your Design

Websites that require data integration – for example, websites with rich product catalogs, online calendars, or interactive features like find an attraction – present some difficulties during site redesign.  How can the site convey the wealth of integrated data to meet the needs of customers and internal users, and how can staff manage and maintain such sophisticated features and voluminous data?

Titan Data Sites can help.

Titan Data Sites reduce website maintenance costs while providing a more interactive user experience. A Titan Data Site can bring together multiple types of content on a site and bring huge benefits to staff, users and the bottom line.

How Data Sites Work

Titan Data Sites allow site authors and webmasters to add and edit structured content through the Titan Content Management System (CMS) workstation or through a file upload (usually configured in Microsoft Excel and uploaded as a .xml, .cxv or .txt file) -- without creating individual content pages. Titan Data Sites can also be linked to such third-party tools as CRM and ERP systems.

The best part? Users need not know CSS or HTML to manage a data site.

After content is uploaded, it automatically displays in the correct location on a site.

Titan Data Sites can be used for many utilities, ranging from complex product specifications to a simple staff directory.

For example, Titan Data Sites are a great solution for managing a dealer directory, resource library, restaurant or facility menu, location listing, product catalog, and calendar of events.

Titan Calendar Example

The Wisconsin Dells uses a Titan data site to manage the events on their calendar. 

Content in a Titan Data Site can be presented as lists and detailed items (i.e., a page listing an entire product family and individual product page). Data sites also allow users to access, search, sort and filter content in ways that suit their needs.

The Benefits

In addition to saving authors and webmasters time and headaches, the many benefits of building structured content using Titan Data Sites include:

  • Searchable content: All content in data sites will appear in site-search results. If you use a data site for products and a user searches a product number, the specific item will display.
  • SEO Friendly: Not only are data sites search-engine crawl-able, but all meta fields (page title, descriptions, and keywords) can be configured for each item, so your SEO efforts won’t miss a beat.
  • Filtering and Sorting: You can tag items in Titan data sites with various attributes, so users easily find what they’re looking for. (These filters resemble filters you might find on e-commerce sites like Amazon.) See this type of filter in action.
  • Easy Maintenance: Titan workstation entry and/or file upload makes it easy to update a site while delivering dynamic content. This provides flexibility to grow and adapt as the site evolves or business goals change.
  • Content Lock-Down: Set security limits on data sites; create rules specifying who can access and edit content.
  • Related Content: Data Sites connect different types of content, so users get all the information they need in one spot.
  • Consistent: Data sites and structured content ensure that a site’s look and feel will remain consistent. This counts especially for responsive design.

So, How Do Titan Data Sites Make Your Site Look Better?

Building a website with a CMS can save time and money, but presents a unique challenge: Designers and developers usually don’t know the specific content to be published after launch. The job of the professional designers and developers, then, is to craft a layout that represents the brand and site goals even as it meshes with the website as a system.

Sites evolve over time; the system must maintain its structure while accepting a variety of content. To maximize users’ ability to find the information they seek, the site’s look and feel must be pleasing and stable. A distracting site interferes with the content’s natural hierarchy.

Titan Data Sites’ highly-focused input fields remove the need for authors to consider style features when they add content. This increases a site’s longevity and the integrity of the CMS product. Also, site presentation can be changed with relative ease to keep up with evolving digital trends.

Titan Data Sites provide a powerful approach to managing and updating large amounts of information and reducing error rate and input time. The site design will enhance and raise user engagement and will remain intact over time, even if content changes.

Originally Published: Thu, February 25, 2016