10 More Titan CMS Tips and Tricks

10 More Titan CMS Tips and Tricks

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How do I know which Titan CMS version I have?

Check your Titan CMS version in any of these three places:

1. Your login screen, bottom right corner.

2. Hover over the Titan logo in your workstation, at the upper left.

3. In Titan Administration review, in your Site Summary.

Sticky Tabs  

In the Edit Pane Selector, you can set Titan CMS to remember a specific tab. Say, for example, that you’re be working within the Properties tab on each page in a session. Click the Properties tab you are in before you go to a new page. Click once on the “dog ear” of the tab to make the page sticky.

Now each new page you click on will take you directly to the Properties Tab.

To un-stick your tab, click on the “dog ear.”

Search by docID  

Each Titan record has a docID, whether it is a file, a page or a data item.


Hover over the item to see the docID. Then you can search by docID to narrow down to one result.

Speed up your Pages and Filter blocks (v6.3 and higher) with Caching Options

Update the Page Caching Priority for your page via Page Properties:

  •     High: page will be changed often
  •     Medium: default setting
  •     Low: page will not be changed often; Low is the fastest setting

Filter block caching reduces page display load time. If your blocks don't change often and security is not in place, check this option to cache results and save on page load time.

Adding file types

You can make sure that Titan CMS will accept the file type you wish to upload.

To add a desired file type, go to the Titan Admin Module and scroll down to File Types.  


Click New  to add a new file type. Fill in the information; you will need Mime Type for your file and a default icon.

Save, and refresh your workstation.

Expanding the number of blocks allowed on a page

Titan CMS, by default, limits the number of blocks to 10 on a page, for optimal page load times. Some designs require more than 10. Users can raise this number through Titan Administration.

  1. In the Titan Administration Module, navigate to Global Parameters > Common Site Configuration.


  1. Scroll down to TotalWkstBlocks and update your number

Save and refresh your workstation

YouTube Video

Inserting YouTube videos is simple with Titan CMS.

1. We recommend setting up a YouTube.com channel for your brand, to further establish SEO authoritative content.

2. Within your YouTube channel, click the share button below the video. You will see an embed button.

3. Click the embed button. Note that the code is already highlighted and, thus, selected.

4. Click CTRL + C to copy this code to your clipboard.

5. Back on your video page, add a freeform block.

6. When the freeform editor opens, click on the source button. 

7. Perform a CTRL + V to paste in your copied video code.

8. Click the source button again.

9. Click OK to close the freeform editor.

10. Save and publish your page and view the video.

Where Used: Finding Abandoned files

In v6.3 Titan, CMS added a Files Not Used widget and a Where Used browse view that reports used and unused files in selected folders. To use these features, configure your Rebuild Where Used task.

  1. The Where Used features of Titan leverage a content index that can be updated on a scheduled basis using the new Rebuild Where Used background task.
  2. In the Titan Administration module, navigate to Rebuild Where Used Data.


  1. Click New  to create the job. Update the # with the folder docID of the file pile folder you want to configure. Copy and paste this line and update the # for each folder you want to include.
  2. You can find the docID by hovering over the folder in the Web Content Management module.

Where Used view from a folder in the file pile:

Files Not Used widget from the dashboard:

You can delete the Files Not Used. They will stay in the recycle bin until you delete them from the bin.

Webmaster Save

If you have Webmaster privileges you can use the Webmaster Save.

The Webmaster Save button skips Workflow, so no versioning will take place. It allows you to save changes to the active version. A Webmaster Save of, say, version 12, will remain version 12; it will not generate a version 13.

Titan CMS warns users of this prior to a Webmaster Save:

Advanced Search for editing

When you copy pages, you may need to update URLs. Through the Titan CMS Advanced Search and Replace, you can update many URLs at once.

Here we copied a templates section from one globe to the Intranet globe.

Click on Advanced Search.


  1. On the search form, fill out the following fields to match your search terms:
  • Search Text
  • Include HTML tags and attributes (this means link URLs and other html you may have in content)
  • All the fields that apply to your instance
  • And select the globe you are working with

  1. When you are ready, click search at the top. You will see the results set and you can determine to replace all or just specific ones. The results show you the before and after.

  1. Click save, publish or Webmaster Save to update your URLs.
Originally Published: Wed, August 24, 2016