Titan CMS Version 7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: August 4, 2020

Features / Enhancements

Streamlined User Interface

The Titan CMS Workstation has been streamlined to improve productivity. The App Ribbon combines access to the application modules with the Create and Publish actions and the edit tabs to provide an approachable, yet powerful management experience.


Search Breadcrumb

The Workstation now features an interactive search breadcrumb utility that makes finding content based on filters much easier. The SearchCrumb tracks recent searches and provides navigation-based suggestions.


Drag and Drop Dashboard

The home screen of the Workstation is now even more flexible. All widgets support drag and drop organization.


Resizable Tree and Edit Pane

For very large content trees, the ability to resize the Tree area is a must have. Additionally, being able to enlarge the Edit Pane makes working with large format content much friendlier.


Page Action Menu

Most of the old toolbar actions are now located in the Page Actions Menu button visible on the results tab, putting common actions closer to the items being selected.


Resizable Results Columns

Browse Views, which are used to present a table of Results in the Workstation, now have resizable columns. 


Add a Block Menu / Block Library

The new Add a Block menu presents a nice library view of available system blocks, as well as personal and global block copies. In addition, block copies now store style and zone information that is automatically applied when added to content pages.


Content Blocks

Working with the block stack has been improved to allow drag and drop ordering. In addition, block editors now take up the full width of the Edit Pane. Workstation block rendering has been enhanced to apply your website styling for a more realistic content preview.


Specific Block Enhancements

Freeform Video

The CKEditor was enhanced to insert HTML5 video tags, replacing the FlowPlayer video player integration.


Form Labels

The Form Editor block now supports configuration of label tags on inputs for improved accessibility.


Filter Configuration

The configuration of Tags as filters in the Filter block have been enhanced to match the implementation of filters in Data List. This gives users a more consistent way of building page filters.


MVC Applications

The Application block has been enhanced to support Razor view files and MVC applications as content, including continued support for .NET WebForms code and external URLs.


Immediate Change Detection and Validation

Input fields in the Workstation provide immediate feedback when changed. This includes inline validation messages.


Simplified Admin Configuration

The Titan Admin module configuration tree has been simplified so that users have access to more configuration elements in a single screen, reducing the number of clicks to make changes to the environment. Additionally, changes in Titan Admin no longer require users to perform a “Refresh App Vars” call for the updating of cached configuration data.


Technology Upgrades

Northwoods is committed to keeping various technologies that support Titan CMS current, including:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 and MVC 5.2.7


Also included in this release are upgrades to third-party tool integrations, including:

  • CKEditor 4.13.0
  • dtSearch 7.92


In addition to these upgrades, dependence on third-party libraries has been reduced by removing the Telerik controls libraries that provided Navigation Tree control in the Workstation, allowing greater flexibility and opportunity for tree enhancements. Additionally, support for the FlowPlayer video player control was removed in favor of the now-standard HTML5 video tag.

Finally, while not a third-party library, Silverlight controls that supported multi-file upload and Data imports in older versions of Internet Explorer were deprecated.

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancements from v6.9.5.69

Fixed since 6-10-2020

Issue: Requesting What’s New content in navigation calls results in error

Enhancement: Allow passing of encoding type to mail providers

Enhancement: Remove Captcha tokens and personally identifiable information from form submission emails

Enhancement: Return Tag and Attribute identifiers with Data List content

Issue: Advanced Search not finding results based on workflow assignments