Titan CMS Version 6.9 Release Notes

Release Date: June 28, 2017


Responsive Template

We have pulled the plug on our old themes and replaced them with a fully responsive theme that we call ReFlex. This is a Variable Color Theme and is easy to modify using the Theme Creation wizard in Titan Administration. 


CSS Minification and Preprocessing

With the new theme we are beginning to use CSS Custom Properties, also known as CSS variables. Until native support for variables exists for all browsers, we've implemented a simple CSS preprocessor that handles variable substitution, and performs minification on all our CSS files. In the end, Titan v6.9 offers improved CSS coding flexibility and performance.


Drag and Drop Images and Files

We've added the ability for authors and editors to drag and drop images and files directly into freeform editors. We automatically upload the files to user defined destinations, and place image thumbnails or links into the content.


CKEditor Upgrade / Accessibility Checker

We have upgraded to CKEditor version 4.6.2, and have enabled the Accessibility Checker. This plugin includes a wide array of accessibility tests for improving your freeform content to meet requirements for accessible content. 


Bugs Fixed from v6.8


Issue: Searching in Titan wkst for a string that looks like a number with a decimal (e.g. "6.8") returns an error
Issue: Keyword filter for "*" causes an error in Data List block
Issue: Editing related links does not populate linked text
Issue: Links fields containing &'s produce errors
Issue: Unable to upload SEO optimization file
Issue: Data Site uploads report conflicts on URLs without .htm extension
Issue: Titan installer can't detect IIS on Windows 2016 server
Issue: Short Teaser text doesn't render for data list block
Issue: Lookup attributes not activating when using SkipWorkflow
Issue: Application initialization errors cause invalid cached state
Issue: Data Import incorrectly reports that multi-select tag attributes are present in data file where a single select tag was expected
Issue: Site Imports fail to correctly map old DocID to new DocID
Issue: Data Detail pages don't render their page-level snippets
Issue: Links columns do not render their content in Lists or Details
Issue: Version restore and page move operations cause new BlockID values to be calculated
Issue: iCalendar handler doesn't render time correctly in 24-hour format
Issue: Smart Search views with the Start Page aggregate column will timeout for large instances
Issue: Favorite Icon site configuration help text doesn't open
Issue: Form Block doesn't recognize form inputs for field picker if the editor was closed from Source mode
Issue: NavTree searches don't find tree items when searching for partial Link Parameters or Aliases
Issue: Link verifier incorrectly identifies newly created but yet to be published items as "Active" rather than "In Progress"
Issue: Link verifier incorrectly identifies old versions of documents as "Awaiting Approval"
Issue: Password Hint validation fails on improper case of answer
Issue: Chrome PDF Viewer extension causes cosmetic issues in Workstation preview of PDFs
Issue: FAQ Return Text doesn't support ampersand (&) and other XML-restricted characters
Issue: TOC Block doesn't render Commenting & Rating Links when Site navigation caching is disabled
Issue: Clicking a teaser image in search results does not log a click to Smart Search
Issue: Enabling reCAPTCHA produces display error messages
Issue: Links fields targeting single Data Tables do not give Link Text or Open in New Window options



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