Titan CMS Version 6.9.5 Release Notes

Release Date: February 21, 2019


Responsive Template Enhancements “ReFlex”

In version 6.9, we introduced the new Responsive Template called ReFlex. In version 6.9.5, we advanced the new ReFlex Theme to provide a polished, professional experience to your end users. ReFlex Theme highlights added:

  • Responsive means support across devices as well as modern browsers.
  • Smooth scrolling, block animations, and header/menu transitions provide a polished, professional look.
  • Modular approach to the ReFlex Theme means a wide array of layouts and user experiences are possible. With ReFlex, you won’t need to settle for another cookie-cutter template.

Administration Improvements

How a CMS responds to various requests can have a big impact on user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). With version 6.9.5, we paid close attention to how Titan CMS responds to various requests to ensure the default "out-of-the-box" behavior is optimal for the request being made. We also moved the control of this default behavior into the Titan CMS workstation to allow our end users full control over how Titan CMS responds to various requests.

  • New Global Parameter allowing domain level configuration of the following:
    • Friendly 404 Page
    • Default domain home page
    • Robots.txt
    • Alternate, "vanity", domains
  • Additional flexibility for Content Site Theme level code snippets with ability to add snippets immediately after opening BODY tag or before closing BODY tag
  • Enhanced Mail Provider support allowing use of 3rd party services such as SendGrid or MailChimp for delivery of your Titan CMS based emails

Security Features

Northwoods has always engaged in best security and privacy by design practices. With version 6.9.5, we continue this tradition by providing some tweaks to Titan CMS’s already secure framework:

  • Our team studied up on the latest regulations related to data privacy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CPA) going into effect in 2020 and took what we learned to perform an audit of Titan CMS tracking and analytics features. We removed or anonymized any personally identifiable information logged by Titan CMS features. For more information on the new standards and why this is important, read our recent blog.
  • Encryption of sensitive meta-information (Global Parameters) provides an extra layer of protection to sensitive data such as API credentials and other instance meta-data needing to be stored in an encrypted format.
  • New data encryption libraries allow us to use the latest encryption technologies available to protect sensitive application data.
  • Native TLS 1.2 support.

Platform Installer

With version 6.9.5, we introduce the Titan CMS Platform Installer. The Titan CMS Platform Installer is a foundational component of the next generation of Titan CMS. It promises to simplify installations and upgrades. In addition, it is key to supporting a Titan CMS Marketplace where Titan CMS add-ins and upgrades will be made available for enhancing your Titan CMS instance down the road. Here are some highlights of the Platform Installer:

  • Streamlines installation, upgrade, and aftermarket add-in installation through web-based package manager.
  • Supports complex, web-farm environments by fully handling file synchronization between all nodes in the farm
  • Pre-requisite for access to future Titan CMS Marketplace add-ins

Technical Updates

Ensuring Titan CMS runs on currently supported underlying technologies is critical to maintaining a secure, stable environment. With version 6.9.5, the following technology upgrades have been tested and approved:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL 2016
  • Latest.NETv4.7.2 means better security including default support for TLS 1.2
  • Upgraded the built-in organic search engine, dtSearch, to latest 64-bit version. Includes performance and security updates, Additional support now available for extracting embedded document objects, improved PDF hit highlighting, indexing OneNote (*.one), iCalendar (*.ics), iWork, Numbers, Keynote, Azure blobs, Adobe Photo metadata, encrypted PDFs, SharePoint data, and Hancom (*.hwp) files.


With Titan CMS, our clients have come to expect fast load times and a problem free experience. With version v6.9.5, we deliver several new optimizations to improve page load times, scalability, and minimize resource demands:

  • Bundling and minification for all cascading stylesheet (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) files referenced from your Titan environment is now standard. This includes support for deferred and asynchronous loading of assets.
  • Improved use of caching headers and eTags improve page load times by reducing server domain and better leveraging web browser cache.
  • Caching improvements for secure sites (extranets, intranets, member sites, etc.). We’ve updated the session-based navigation caching for secure and mixed-security sites to reduce the memory footprint, improve load time, and better support high-traffic intranet/extranet sites on fewer resources.
  • Database maintenance tasks improvements
    • Disk Sweeper Task (keeps physical file storage optimized and minimized) optimized to greatly reduce the execution time and resource overhead for large File Piles
    • Database Cleanup Background Job optimizations to reduce execution time, locking related issues (i.e. “CMS is Busy” message), and resource overhead for large databases

Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.79

Updated: Data Detail page breadcrumbs now show Data Item Page Name 

Updated: Disabled web service documentation protocol to improve security

Updated: Suppress web service errors on the display side to prevent leaking sensitive information 

Fixed: Addressed issues resulting from Chrome changes to handling of SameSite cookie directive.

Fixed: XML External Entity exploit in Form AJAX submission endpoint

Fixed: Indexes not being created when two separate Data Relationships point at same Data Table and Data Field

Fixed: Data Editor requiring ReCaptcha when disabled in the block config but enabled at the site level

Fixed: Scenario allowing Data Editor to redirect to success page after error occurred

Fixed: Timeout when deleting large Content sites (+10,000 pages)

Fixed: Addressed encoding issue in Titan Forms Editor email body due to upgrading runtime to .NET 4.7+

Fixed: Advanced Search not finding workflow assignments

Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.54

New: Added dataLayer push to Titan Forms submit for GTM

Updated: Included <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"> in Site Map XML per Google Best Practices

Updated: Forced HTTPS for Google API Key link

Updated: Added support to ensure multiple forms can exist on same page without conflict

Updated: Improved performance of Image Picker when large Document Change Log

Fixed:  Data Editors unable to upload new Data Items if not in Webmaster role

Fixed: Features depending on admin proxy account failing if CMSAdmins group removed from Display Security

Fixed: Addressed performance issue with reading workstation configuration data resulting in periodic timeout

Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.48

New:  Introduced Site Map Index XML

New: Added sitemap.xml to root of each domain

Updated: Enabled dtSearch support by default

Updated: Increased Workstation Browse View timeout to support large data sets

Updated: Added ability to provide domain parameters to support configuratio meta at the domain level

Fixed:  Smart Search Keyword and Results Edit Managed Results Failing if SearchDescriptionOrder had trailing comma

Fixed: Home page links updated to reflect root "/" vs Page URL of home page

Fixed: Content Import failing to create Lookup attributes with special characters

Fixed: Content Import failure when using Chrome  over HTTP/2

Fixed: Eliminated CSS vulnerability in Forms Editor Block when passing default field values through query string

Fixed: Include display side libraries in preview to ensure required JavaScript and CSS present

Fixed: Forms Editor not emailing when multiple recipients separated with comma

Fixed: Background Task skipping scheduled times

Fixed: Duplicate Teaser Image showing in Smart Search Results

Fixed: Empty filters displayed when Calendar control enabled in Data List block

Fixed: External search provider not being invoked if dtSearchInstalled flag disabled


Bugs/Minor Enhancements v6.9.5.0

Fixed: Workstation block sorting issues

Fixed: Content Picker Display Security issue preventing linking in certain scenarios

Fixed: Subject line for forms submitted via POST differ from those submitted via AJAX

Fixed: Themes - CSS view and scroll results Failed to load CSS; the operation is insecure

Fixed: Data Site Import failing with legacy related link fields missing titan-linktype attribute

Updated: Cumulative update for ReFlex Theme address various display issues

Updated: Allow marking Forms Editor checkbox required




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