Titan CMS Version 6.8 Release Notes

Release Date: November 8, 2016


Smart Search Enhancements

We've revamped Smart Search to provide you with greater insight into the effectiveness of your site search. The new Index Dashboard contains information on daily searches, popular search terms, and search start pages. You can see how often a search result is presented to users, and how often a result is clicked. 

In addition to analytics, we've extended managed results to include two new result types:

  • Direct Results allow certain search terms to take you directly to a page on your site.
  • Card Results allow inline content (typically Freeform content with images if desired) to be presented to the user immediately in the search result. 


The new Smart Search Dashboard view:  Graphs of search volume, live view of search keywords, most popular terms, start page, and more.  

Smart Search Keywords View:  

Smart Search offers four different search result types:  Organic, Featured, Direct and Card. 

Search Index Administration has been moved from Titan Admin into the Smart Search Dashboard. 


SEO Problems 

We've added a new Browse View that shows your pages like they might appear on a Search Engine Result Page. We identify when your Titles are too long, and your Descriptions are too long, too short, or missing. 


Sort Date

We've added a new property for all content items called Sort Date. This field allows authors to specify an arbitrary date and time that will be used for Sorting in the Filter, Data List, and Segmented Search blocks. The Properties tab now contains a section where all the sort-related properties are shown, including Display Order. In addition, we show the Last Published date and time for reference. 

Last Published, Last Changed, and Sort Date are also all available in custom Browse Views.



Other Enhancements

Telephone Links are a new link type in Titan CMS, to make it easier for presenting tappable telephone numbers on mobile devices.

Schema Relationships have been extended to support additional configurations, including multiple relationships between two tables and relationships that reference the same table.

Workstation Preview now supports rendering Data records via their default Detail page.



Misc. Fixes

Issue: Filtered lists generated through Page Share blocks may not show results due to duplicate BlockIDs on the rendered page.
Issue: Changing Linked Property selections in Column Editor doesn't correctly update configuration settings
Issue: Content Picker utility to upload new version for files doesn't open if the file's Page Name contains an apostrophe
Issue: Calendar widget incorrectly highlights date cells as having events when other filters eliminate those dates


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