Titan CMS Version 6.7 Release Notes

Release Date: March 14, 2016


Server and Technology Upgrades

In order to stay current and support the newest versions of Microsoft server technologies, Titan now supports the following: 

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 - With this server platform upgrade, Titan is supported in IIS 8.5 
  • SQL Server 2014 - Beyond the typical performance and feature improvements, SQL Server 2014 when paired with Windows Server 2012 R2 brings new scalability options for high-availability applications.
  • .NET 4.5.2 - This upgrade is especially important as Microsoft has stopped providing security updates for .NET 4.0, 4.5, and 4.5.1.


Page-level Metatags and Snippets

A new field is available on the Properties tab for Pages and Data records for adding custom metatags or JavaScript snippets. This gives you greater flexibility to deploy custom JavaScript without developing additional Page Layouts.


Data List Enhancements

User Value Filtering - A new filter option similar to Range Filtering. Allows site visitors to supply their own values for filtering.

Proximity Geocoding - An enhancement to the geocoding routines to automatically select your location if a single, high-confidence result is found.


CKEditor Upgrade

We have upgraded to CKEditor version 4.5.3, and have enabled the Paste Filter.  We've also added the CodeMirror plugin to improve the Source Mode experience with auto formatting, tag auto complete, and syntax highlighting.


Data Upload Utility Enhancements

The Data Upload Utility is once again supported in Google Chrome without the dependency on Silverlight. Additionally, we've added an option for creating new Lookup attributes based on the data in your upload file.


Other Enhancements

Advanced Search & Replace supports "replace with nothing", allowing you to isolate and remove text.

Form Block Results Report allows you to clear results for the selected date range.



Content Picker Fixes

Issue: Does not load correctly when configured to load only content from a specific Data Table
Issue: Will not initialize in Reduced User Workstation
Issue: Initial view contains a "treeid" value in search box
Issue: Editing a Linked Page does not always open the tree to correct location


Misc. Fixes

Issue: Double clicking in the FAQ block editor causes JavaScript exceptions
Issue: Upload New Version for Files, in certain browsers, generates dates that aren't recognized by SQL
Issue: The "Add Block" menu shifts making it difficult to select a new block
Issue: On upgrades, the new ID for SearchBar requires otherwise unnecessary CSS changes (changed to improve backward compatibility)
Issue: Titan Admin initialization errors may prevent the interface from loading
Issue: Unescaped entities appear in Filter areas
Issue: Tag and Lookup attributes with ampersands cause Data List filter editor to become unusable
Issue: Registration Block errors out in cases where Email is required
Issue: Where Used not picking up possible results from Segmented Search blockettes
Issue: "The CMS is busy" errors occur frequently when attempting to save content while system is under heavy load
Issue: Data content using Titan Date properties incorrectly initialize to 1/1/1900
Issue: Filtering a browse list that contains IsHiddenFlag throws an error
Issue: Registration block saves incorrect spelling of "New Mexico"
Issue: Pagination is not reset when changing Proximity filters
Issue: Document table may be missing clustering key on TreeID
Issue: Data List doesn't select correct classification filters when passed on the query string
Issue: UrlRewriter can fail if DocID is specified more than once on the query string
Issue: Browse View Tools are incorrectly available when browsing Recycle Bin
Issue: Tabs don't change when two Tabbed FAQ blocks are on a page via Page Share or Static Content control
Issue: Proximity Filtering does not submit when browser is allowed to determine current position


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