Version 6.6 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: May 5, 2015

Features / Enhancements


Relationships for Data Sites

Relationships are a new feature of Data Schemas that allow you to define how content from two Data Tables is related. Content is related by establishing links, correlating data values, or using Tags and Lookups. Relationships are used by the Data Detail block to combine content from the related Tables on a single page. 


FAQ Block Enhancements

The FAQ block has been enhanced to support stylesheet options making the presentation of FAQs more extensible. Titan offers three styles of FAQ, including:

  • Accordion - Questions are displayed as a heading, that when clicked opens and closes the Answer. 
  • Standard - A traditional FAQ with Questions linked to Answers on an single page.
  • Tabbed - Questions become Tab buttons, that when clicked show the Answer content in the tab.


Other Enhancements

Discontinued Workstation Support for IE8 - Access to the Workstation is limited to IE9+, Firefox, and Chrome.

Download File in Workstation - The Workstation Content Tab for files includes a button to download the file being managed.

Form Submission Notification File Links - The notification email to form authors provides a deep link to files uploaded through the Form Block.

Navigation Caching Improvement - Navigation Caching was altered to increase scalablity of Public websites that have secured sections. 

Block Attributes Button Moved - The icon that opens the Block Attributes dialog has been moved onto the block panel for easier access.

Custom Block Styles Information - Blocks with custom CSS Styles have an Info icon to easily and quickly view the list of custom styles applied to the block.

Multifile Upload - The Workstation multi-file upload utility has been replaced with the Content Picker's Upload functionality to remove the dependency on Silverlight in modern browsers. 


Bugs Fixed from v6.5


Misc. Fixes

Issue: Pagination doesn't work on Filter blocks configured for non-ajax filtering.
Issue: Keyword searches that include double quotes produce an error.
Issue: Publishing Linked Pages produces an error.
Issue: Content Picker locks up on next use after creating an external link.
Issue: SearchBar control requires custom XSL to implement two search bars.
Issue: SearchBar XSL can't be modified to use default HintText.
Issue: System creates duplicate Page URL when items have the same name more than 99 times.
Issue: System allows a Table to have multiple Lookup columns for the same Lookup.
Issue: Data Editor dialog can browse back in browser history when using the backspace key.
Issue: Clearing Data Site fields doesn't remove content.
Issue: Rotation feature of Image Editor does not work in IE11.
Issue: Where Used indexing process does not correctly identify matches in Links fields.
Issue: Closing the Content Picker with the X icon leaves an empty item in Links and Files fields.
Issue: Data Tables allow multiple Lookup columns that reference the same Lookup.
Issue: Form Editor configuration screen for dropdown and listbox fields doesn't work in IE11.
Issue: Users blocked from accessing the workstation still appear on the Workstation Logins view in User Mgmt.
Issue: Default.aspx does not redirect to default document friendly URL.


After Market Component Updates

Feed Reader - Feed Reader block required fixes related to the Content Picker.