Version 6.5 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: November 10, 2014

Features / Enhancements


Geography Support for Data Sites

Proximity Filtering is a new filter option in the Data List block for spatial data content. This makes it possible to build locator applications using custom data content in Titan. Proximity Filter provides geocoding support from either Google Maps or Bing Maps for identifying locations from addresses and zip codes. It can also be configure to utilize location services integrated into modern browsers and mobile devices. 

Geographic Coordinate is a new column type for Data Tables that allows you to enter a latitude and longitude. 


Content Picker Enhancements

Remembered UI - The Content Picker is able to retain information about your last use in order to improve the efficiency of subsequent uses.

  • If you used the Tree to select a file, the next time Content Picker opens it takes you to that folder in the tree.
  • If you were looking at images in Thumbnail View, the next time Content Picker opens it starts with Thumbnail view enabled.  
  • If you used a search term to find a page to link, the next time Content Picker opens it starts with the results for that search term. 
  • If the last link you created was an Email or External Link, the next time Content Picker opens to the same tab you last used.

Selection Indicator - When you select items on the Content tab in Content Picker, a simple selection indicator is populated with the Page URL of the item selected. The Content Picker also keeps that selection highlighted as you switch between Tree browsing and searches.


Other Enhancements

Follow Links in Workstation Preview - Titan v6.5 includes an enhancement for the Workstation Preview that allows you to navigate links in the preview window. This allows users to preview the behavior of content changes before publishing.

Site Parameters and Site-specific Data Detail Pages - Titan v6.5 adds support for custom configuration of Content and Data sites. Content sites can define named values that can be used in custom code. Data Sites can define multiple default Data Detail pages that are mapped to specific content sites.


Bugs Fixed from v6.4


Performance Fixes

Issue: Under heavy load, Filter and Data List blocks using public caching cause high CPU utilization and site stability issues.
Issue: Where Used indexing process slows down when analyzing list-style block content.
Issue: Long delay in showing newly uploaded files in Content Picker.
Issue: Expanding Workstation tree very slow for non-webmaster users.


Misc. Fixes

Issue: When creating new items, Duplicate URL errors occur when the newly assigned Page URL matches an existing Alias URL
Issue: In Titan Administration, the WYSIWYG Template files are missing.
Issue: In the FAQ block editor, clicking active links in Answer content causes server errors.
Issue: Cannot save Pre/Post snippets that contain commented CDATA markers.
Issue: Page Layout File Picker does not upload files to the correct directory.
Issue: Search Bar wrongly escapes accented letters.
Issue: Data Site content doesn't save when you clear out text fields.
Issue: Quick Stats Browse View calculations inconsistent with Statistics tab.
Issue: Print page function susceptible to open redirect.