Version 6.4 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: August 12, 2014

Features / Enhancements


Calendar Support for Data Sites

Calendar Filtering is a new filter option in the Data List block for date-based data content. This makes it possible to build custom Event calendars in Titan. Calendar Filter provides highly flexible server-side filtering options for defining sliding window date ranges, and gives you three options for display-side filtering results by Date:

  • Calendar Widget is a small month view calendar with selectable dates. You can switch the visible month and select specific dates of interest to show all the events from that date forward.
  • Month-to-Month Widget is a simple month selection tool that lets you view all the events for the selected month
  • From/To widget is a set of two date inputs that let the user define a fixed range of dates. 

Recurring Dates is a new column type for Data Tables that allows you to enter a Date and Time with the option to recur daily, weekly, month, or yearly. 


ICAL Import / Export

Upload iCal Data - In the Titan Workstation, users can upload event content that was exported in standard iCal format (.ICS file) from third party calendar tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. 

Download as iCal - In both the Data List and Data Detail block, event content can be presented with a link to download the event details in standard iCal format, which can then be imported into personal calendar systems like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.


Other Enhancements

CKEditor Upgrade - Titan V6.4 uses version 4.4.0 of the CKEditor, which includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements including fixes to enable its use with Internet Explorer 11.


Bugs Fixed from v6.3


Scheduled Job Fixes

Issue: Database Backup task fails in SQL Express because of compression option
Issue: Activate Pending Documents task fails with message "User is not authorized"


Data Management Fixes

Issue: Disabling Category Filtering on a Lookup column doesn't automatically remove the lookup filter on the display-side
Issue: Data List block is slow to produce results when processing many Data Sites that use the same table
Issue: Data List blocks can't play Flowplayer videos after an Ajax filter request
Issue: Data Upload fails to import Tag/Lookup attributes containing apostrophes
Issue: Links column fails to save Email link if Subject contains apostrophes
Issue: Data Detail blocks can't be saved if you deselect child folders from the multi-select navigation tree


Content Picker Fixes

Issue: In Chrome, file upload generates an error loop when adding files to the list to upload
Issue: Recent tab doesn't show recently linked files


Misc. Fixes

Issue: Changing the status (Active/Inactive) of a Legacy Page Layout causes the status to change for that layout on all Sites
Issue: Where Used Snapshot being populated with duplicate documents
Issue: During activation, old URLs were being re-added as Aliases
Issue: Deleting Groups or changing Group names does not update Workflow roles
Issue: Form Dashboard Report doesn't correctly read field list from block configuration