Version 6.2 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: October 15, 2013

Features / Enhancements

Display-side Data Editing

Data Editor Block - This new block allows a user who is logged into their website to enter data records into existing Data Tables. It combines the flexibility of the WYSIWYG Freeform and Form Editor blocks with the highly customizable nature of Data Tables to produce data entry and maintenance screens outside of the Titan Workstation. You can generate a default form for existing Data Tables in seconds.  Features include:

  • Customizable Validation - The Data Editor supports field validation through predefined Regular Expressions and allows editors to integrate their own custom JavaScript validation functions. 
  • Dialog or Full Page Editing - Display-side data editing can be initiated from both the Data List and Data Detail blocks for authenticated users. Edits can be made through a full page display or a convenient, in-page dialog.
  • Titan File Pile Integration - The display-side editing capabilities have been integrated with Titan File Piles to support file uploads as well as image and file selections.

Content Picker

Our new Content Picker is a replacement for the Link Builder, File Picker, Image Picker, Data Picker and Search Control functionality.  The new user interface is search-driven rather than workstation tree-driven. 

  • Power users will appreciate the ability to search by keyword, DocID, URL and path links using the search text box.
  • The resulting user interface should load faster with your results.  Infinite scrolling is available when your search returns a large number of results.
  • The workstation tree is still available to those users who wish to search by file pile folder.
  • This content picker is used in both the workstation and the new Display-side editing functionality.
  • Our multifile upload capability is browser-specific.  For IE8 and IE9, we will continue to support Silverlight.  For IE10, Chrome and Firefox, we will be supporting an HTML5/XHR L2 Multifile upload.

Our Titan V6.2 Authors class will now instruct authors on the use of the new content picker. 

Tag Suggest Box

Tag Suggest As You Type - If your site has a tag with more than 25 attributes, you may be very interested in our Suggestion box feature.  When you display a filter using one of our list blocks (e.g., Filter, Calendar, Product, Data List), you can choose a Suggest box display for your attributes. 
As the user types in the Suggest box, we use AJAX technology to display all matching tag attributes.  Upon selection of an attribute, the attribute will display along with the number of results that have been tagged with this attribute.  This is a user-friendly solution for tags with large numbers of attributes.  Use case example:  You need to filter content on a tag called Product Number where there are hundreds of product numbers.  Instead of using drop-down lists of product numbers, use the Suggestion box and allow the user to search for the desired attribute(s).

Note:  All of the editors that support tag selection also support the Suggest box – File Upload, Registration, Event Upload and Data Editor. 

User Management Enhancements

ContentAdmins Group - We have added a new system-defined group under UsersandGroups called ContentAdmins that can be used to provide webmaster-level rights over content without granting access to the Titan Administration module.

Allow Workstation Login - A new flag in the User Management module gives administrators greater flexibility over which Titan Users can accessing the Titan CMS Workstation.  This Allow Workstation Login flag can remain unchecked for users who have edit rights (due to display-side editing) but do not have access to the Titan workstation.

User Tags in Browse Views - In the User Management module, users can now see Tag selections in custom Browse Views.

Other Enhancements

CKEditor Update - Titan V6.2 uses version of the CKEditor, which includes a number of bug fixes, including fixes to enable its use with Internet Explorer 10.    

Keyword Hints (available only in browsers that support HTML5 placeholder attribute) - Using an HTML5 feature supported in many modern browsers, the Keyword Filter textbox presented in filter-style blocks and the primary search box at the top of your website pages can be configured with "hint text" to give end users suggested search terms.  

Default Login Page for File Pile Sites You now have the option to define a default login page for your File Pile sites. This provides better support for accessing secured files. When you secure a file and Allow Login prompting for secured files, Titan will automatically redirect you to the default login page defined for the File Pile. On a successful login, you can immediately view the file.

Performance Improvements - Through a variety of SQL query optimizations, List-style block (Filter, TOC, Data List, etc.), Navigation calls and Workstation security calls are running as much as ~30% faster. 


API Enhancements

These enhancements are targeted at developers who work with Titan.

Support for Form Security - Developers implementing blocks or applications that submit form content should make use of new API calls for encoding/decoding data and preventing form spam. 

Support for Dialogs - Developers implementing custom utilities that need to be accessed in both the Workstation and the Display-side through dialogs should make use of new API calls for configuring dialog context. In addition, a new event option has been added to support "BeforeCancel" processing.

File Size Available to Filter Blocks - Developers looking to build display that include File Size can now use standard template calls. 


Bugs Fixed from v6.1

Where Used in File Pile Fixes

Several data and performance issues were found in the initial release of Where Used and have been repaired in v6.2. These include the following:

Issue: The "Rebuild Where Used Data" link was being displayed to users without administrative privileges to perform the task.
Issue: Building the Where Used data cache overtaxed SQL engine and produced query timeouts.
Issue: The Where Used data cache was not built properly for file paths containing "noise" words.
Issue: The Where Used indexing queries were causing heavy CPU utilization on SQL server.
Issue: Where Used does not search against the Fav Icon property.
Issue: Where Used does not search against the Additional Images field of Products data.


Segmented Search Block Fixes

Issue: Block would not render results when the global search string contained an apostrophe.
Issue: Block would not update "Did You Mean" and "Try This" suggestions when using an AJAX keyword filter.
Issue: Data Filter Blockette would not load results if the default sort order was Average Rating.
Issue: In Firefox, when an error message is displayed, the segment navigation list would jump out of view.


Data Management Fixes

Issue: Data Table columns that are not linked to Titan Properties do not obey Workflow settings.
Issue: Data content that uses Tags and Lookups are not properly formatted by Download to Excel feature.
Issue: Checkbox columns that are linked to Titan Properties do not obey the default state settings for new records.
Issue: On pages with a Data List block, the Email page tool creates links that break in MSOutlook.
Issue: Data Upload utility doesn't correctly apply the "ALL" attribute for Tag/Lookup updates.


Component Installer Fixes

Issue: Importing a File branch fails if the exported content includes XML files
Issue: Importing a File branch fails if the exported content includes files marked with the "Unknown" FileType


Background Service and Task Fixes

Issue: Background Service tasks do not obey the configured value for long operations.
Issue: Background Service installation sometimes fails on servers running Microsoft Forefront Client Security.
Issue: The Database Cleanup background task does not correctly delete versions (Hotfix Available).


Other Fixes

Issue: Silverlight multi-file upload utility does not correctly change the stop/play button state during an automatic retry.
Issue: FAQ Block "Back to Top" links do not work correctly if there are multiple FAQ blocks on the page.
Issue: Workstation users that are only members of SmartSearchAdmins are not able to access SmartSearch.
Issue: The Unicode characters for line and paragraph separators are not correctly escaped in the Freeform block and result in JavaScript errors.
Issue: The Page URL given to a standard page created under an External Link page contains dots before the extension (e.g. MyPage..htm).
Issue: Image Editor utility incorrectly alters the dimensions of the cropping window when using the Zoom option while Constrain Proportions is disabled.
Issue: Browsing in the File Pile Recycle Bin folders shows broken thumbnail.
Issue: Forms submissions fail form security checks if they are submitted after the user session has expired.  


After Market Component Updates

Feed Reader - Feed Reader block has been modified to fix an issue related to loading external feed sources that become unavailable. In addition, the block has been enhanced to use the new Content Picker for feed source selection.