Version 6.1 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: November 29, 2012

Features / Enhancements

Where Used in File Piles

File Pile Browse Views - A new system browse view has been added to report the most common areas of content that are assigned images and files. In a quick glance you can see the number of different places a particular file is being used. You can also expand the information to show detail about where the file is used, and jump directly to those locations to make edits. You can also create your own custom "Where Used" browse views as well as download the data to Excel.

Files Not Used Dashboard Widget - A new widget is available to place on your Workstation Start page (Dashboard) that reports all of the files that appear to be unused in your system. After a little due diligence, you could easily cleanup your Files from one place.

Rebuild Where Used Task - The Where Used features of Titan leverage a content index that can be updated on a scheduled basis using the new "Rebuild Where Used" Background Task.


Other Enhancements

Multi-file Upload - In this release we have upgraded our Silverlight-based, multi-file upload utility to the latest version of Silverlight. In addition, we enhanced the experience as it relates to cancelled or failed uploads. It is now much easier to manually retry interrupted uploads. 

Most Shared Pages Dashboard Widget - Another new Dashboard widget was added to make it easier to locate and edit shared content. The Most Shared Pages widget identifies the pages that are most commonly shared using a Page Share block. Using this widget, you can easily get to the source pages to make changes without digging through the Navigation Tree.

Performance Enhancements for Filter-style Blocks - The Filter, Calendar, Product and Data List blocks have been updated for better responsiveness to initial loads and subsequent filter requests. 


API Enhancements

These enhancements are targeted at developers who work with Titan.

Support for Display Order in Data Upload - When using the Data Upload utility, you can now include Display Order as a column in your data. Titan will recognize the field even if it is not a defined column in your Schema Table and will automatically set Display Order. 

Multi-zone Block Content Storage - Developers implementing Blocks that render in multiple Content Zones should make use of two new utility methods for storing/reusing content retrieved from the database during the page request.


Bugs Fixed from v6.0


Data List Block Fixes

A number of bugs were found in the initial release of the Data List block and have been repaired in v6.1. These include the following: 

Issue: Ajax sorting fails if no custom columns are configured for sorting.
Issue: The option for showing What's New active items only does not work. 
Issue: The option for displaying a fixed number of results does not work.
Issue: The option for displaying results that were recently published does not work.
Issue: Filtering on Lookup selections does not work.
Issue: Tag/Lookup counts do not update after changing the filters.
Issue: The option to show Teaser Image does not work.
Issue: The selection to open a custom Link Destination in a new window is not retained.
Issue: Attempting to use the date sorting options caused errors when saving changes to the block.
Issue: The block editor interface doesn't allow the ordering of Tag and Lookup options.


Segmented Search Data Filter Fixes

Issue:  The block editor interface doesn't allow the ordering of Tag and Lookup options.
Resolution: Combined both Tags and Lookups into a single picker so the order can be set. 


Display Templates Fixes

Issue:  System-generated Display Templates fail for numeric fields.
Resolution: Syntax errors were corrected to fix numeric field formatting.  

Issue: System-generated Display Templates incorrectly escape Freeform content. 
Resolution: Syntax errors were corrected to fix Freeform data escaping.

Issue: System-generated Display Templates using incorrect field name for the Page Name value.
Resolution: Syntax errors were corrected. 

Issue: Can't delete a Data Schema if it has Display Templates configured
Resolution: Changed Schema delete process to cleanup any Display Templates in that Schema.


Other Fixes

Issue: Product Block image zoom feature shows the incorrect image size when the selected size name contains a space.
Resolution: Fixed the image zoom feature to correctly request image size names with spaces.

Issue: The Data Upload utility Hide option stays checked when an upload completes with cancelations or failures. If unnoticed, running the upload again to retry the remaining items would cause the previously uploaded items to be hidden.
Resolution: The utility now unchecks the Hide option if canceled or failed items remain.

Issue: The Background Task that sends New Account notifications produces a confusing error messages when either no User Admin users exist in the system, or when no new accounts need processing.
Resolution: The process gracefully completes without error in these cases. 

Issue: An error occurs when selecting the "Include Children" checkbox while in a Recycle Bin node that has no results.
Resolution: Include Children is hidden in the Recycle Bin nodes when there are no results.

Issue:  The Event Upload and File Upload blocks both fail to upload content when Tag selection is handled by a dropdown and the user doesn't select an option.
Resolution: Both blocks now correctly upload even if a Tag option is not selected.

Issue: The Content tab for Files will not detect changes if uploading multiple new versions of a file with negligible size difference on the same day.
Resolution: The change detection now examines the Upload date and time when determining if a change has been made.

Issue: When using Chrome, the browser crashes (the "Aw Snap" page) if you select a thumbnail size in the File Picker before clicking OK.
Resolution: Fixed to workaround browser issue and prevent crashes.


After Market Component Updates

Feed Reader - The Feed Reader block was modified to repair a bug related to rendering feed content from static XML sources stored in a Titan File Pile.