Version 6.0 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: September 13, 2012

Features / Enhancements

Data Display Management

As a complement to the Version 5.9 addition of Data Management, we've added new features to manage the presentation of user-defined data.  This data resides within a Titan data site. 

Display Templates -  A display template is a configuration representation of the XSL, JavaScript and .NET code needed to create the HTML for the various blocks that support rendering user-defined data content. 

Data List Block - A new content block that uses all the familiar features of Titan's Filter block to present a consistent list of user-defined data content. 

Data Detail Block - A new content block that can be used to present a detailed view of user-defined data content.

Segmented Search Data Filter - A new Segmented Search segment type that enables the presentation of lists of user-defined data within a Segmented Search display.


Enhancements to Copy Documents

Based on end-user feedback, we've enhanced the features of the Copy function in Titan and exposed additional Help Text for users.

Copy Options - When copying Pages, users can choose between:

  • Standard Copy. This creates new pages with all the same Properties and Blocks. When copying Files, Events, Products or user-defined Data, the standard copy is creating a replica of the source folder or item.
  • Create a Standard Page with "Linked" blocks. This is a new name for the old feature called "Perform Linked Copy". This feature is available only for Pages, and results in a new page being created with one or more Page Share blocks added. These Page Share blocks provide the "link" to the source content. If the source content changes, so does the "linked content". The key benefit is the ability to reuse shared source content.
  • Create a Linked Page. This is a new option available only for Pages that results in a new Linked Page that points back to the source page.

Child Item Options - When copying items, users had the option of copying all of an items children along with that item. We thought it was confusing to users that have selected several individual items for copy, so we've clarified that option by presenting users with a choice. 

  • Copy as a Tree (including children). The default choice is to copy the selected items and all their descendants. This option results in a deep copy that maintains the original tree structure.
  • Copy as a Flat List (no children). The alternative is to copy each individually selected item without hierarchy. Every copied item will appear in a flat list at the destination.


WCF Services

In Titan v6.0, we've taken a step forward in our Services architecture by converting our traditional ASMX Web Services to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services. The new architecture has a number of configuration options in addition to performance benefits.

In addition, integrating and developing against Titan using the WCF Services is much cleaner. The Titan framework provides a number of new coding patterns that make developing custom code more manageable.

The old Web Services have been deprecated but are still included in Titan to support backward compatibility.


Other Miscellaneous Enhancements

Move, Copy and Delete Unlimited - We've removed the restrictions on the number of items that can be moved, copied or deleted at one time. While there is still a practical limit on the number of items that can be processed, Titan doesn't prevent you from trying to operate over more items.

Enhanced Keyword Filtering Experience - The AJAX-enabled keyword filtering features of both the Workstation and the Filter-style blocks (Filter, Event, Product, Data List, Segmented Search) has been improved to reduce the number of requests to Titan. The result is a cleaner and faster search experience.

Default Behaviors for ENTER Key - On all of the standard Create dialogs, we've added default detection of the ENTER Key. This makes it much easier and faster to zip through the creation of pages, data records, folder and a number of other Titan objects.

MP4 Video Support - We've upgraded our implementation of Flowplayer to the latest version and have included the pseudostreaming capabilities required for MP4 playback. The Flowplayer feature of the Freeform block now allows users to select MP4 files.


API Enhancements

These enhancements are targeted at developers who work with Titan.

HTML5 Support - We've updated Titan's display side to render the HTML5 doctype declaration (<!doctype html>) instead of the legacy declarations.

Recaptcha Implementation Updated - With the acquisition of Recaptcha by Google, the source scripts migrated to Google's CDN. In addition, the scripts are now only loaded if the Titan site is actually configured to use Recaptcha.

Custom Data Processing - With the addition of the Display Templates, we've established an interface (IDataProcessing) for developers to use when implementing custom data processing.

AJAX Web Services within Custom Blockette Editors - The Blockette Master page was enhanced to support the registration of AJAX Web Services by pages that implement it.


Bugs Fixed from v5.9


Data Management Fixes

Issue: An error occurs when trying to save changes to a Data Table that uses an External Data Source Key column.
Resolution: The system now correctly interprets External Data Source Keys when saving configuration data.

Issue: When deleting a Data Schema from Titan Administration, in some circumstances the cached configuration data causes the Data Schema to remain in the Workstation Tree and appears to not have been deleted.
Resolution: After deleting Data Schemas, we clean up the cached configuration and the Workstation Tree correctly indicates the result of the deletion.

Issue: DateTime data controls do not detect changes to Time value
Resolution: The change detection scripts have been fixed to correctly identify changes in Time fields. It is important to note that when using the DateTime control to link the StartDate Property, changes to Time have no impact.

Issue: Uploading data with multiple files or links only imports the first file or link.
Resolution: The Data Upload utility now correctly reads in all of the XML data that defines the list of Links/Files

Issue: Freeform controls in Data Editors do not inherit styles from the associated website.  The text defaults to Times New Roman.
Resolution: New configuration options have been added to the Freeform data control to better support the inheritance of styles.


Block Fixes

Issue: The user interface for configuring XSL files for Segmented Search blockettes doesn't support adding XSL files for custom-developed Blockette types.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) After adding a custom blockette type, the system now contains all the needed configuration information to allow users to configure new XSL files for the custom blockette type.

Issue: Pages that use the Segmented Search block generate an error message if the user clicks on a result or otherwise navigates away from the page before all the results have loaded.
Resolution: Navigating away from the Segmented Search page no longer triggers the error message dialog.

Issue: The Product block editor doesn't correctly store the Filter Area Page Zone selection if the block is only filtering by Keyword.
Resolution: The editor was fixed to store the configuration information when any filtering component is enabled.

Issue: The File Upload and Event Upload blocks show Tag names and Attribute names with escaped characters (i.e., instead of "&", the text would show as &amp;).
Resolution: The blocks were fixed to show the correct text.

Issue: The Calendar block won't filter its results unless you have the Calendar widget enabled.
Resolution: The block was fixed to allow keyword and tag filtering even if the calendar control is disabled.


Other Miscellaneous Fixes

Issue: The XSL that supports rendering Tags and Products in the navigation (NavSideInject.xsl) has a typographical error that will cause any page using it to show an error.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The misnamed variable has been fixed.

Issue: It is possible for an error to occur when switching to a custom User View or a custom Browse View if they happen to be assigned the same value in their identifiers while being created by two different users.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The query that requests the custom view information has been fixed to correctly distinguish between the two types of views.

Issue: The default Subject of the User Approval email has a typographical error ("Acccount")
Resolution: The default value has been corrected.

Issue: The Titan Background Service does not release memory after the completion of dtSearch Indexing tasks.
Resolution: The dtSearch Indexing task has been fixed to correctly release memory resources.

Issue: Searching for indexed PDF files does not return results based on the PDF contents.
Resolution: The indexing task has been fixed to correctly read the content of PDF files.

Issue: In versions of Titan prior to v5.7, the Workstation Advanced Search could return results based on matches within HTML tags and attributes. A bug was introduced at v5.7 that caused text within HTML tags to not be found. 
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Advanced searches now correctly look within HTML tags and attributes and correctly locate items such as file paths. 

Issue: When creating new user-defined Browse Views, the default behavior of the ENTER key can result in a new Browse View being created with no name.
Resolution: The default behavior of the ENTER key has been changed so that invalid data cannot be submitted.

Issue: When using the keyword filter against a user-defined Workstation Browse View that include Tags data, an error message appears.
Resolution: Browse View filtering has been fixed to allow keyword filtering.

Issue: When copying multiple pages, using the "Linked Blocks" feature created copies with Page Shares blocks for every possible zone in the Theme.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The copy feature has been fixed to only create Page Shares for just the zones on the pages being copied.

Issue: Adding new FileTypes fails because of a DefaultContentType constraint.
Resolution: A default content type of "Other" will be set on new File Types.

Issue: When Titan loads a specific page, it checks to make sure the Page URL is exactly the same as is configured for that page. If it isn't, a redirect occurs to update the PageURL. In situations where query string parameters existed on the original page request, they were not passed along during the redirect.
Resolution: During a page redirect, the orignal Query String values are correctly passed.

Issue: The sitemap feed can not list items from Data Sites or File Piles.
Resolution: The sitemap feed was modified to return items from Data Sites and File Piles.


Installable Components: Updates and Enhancements

Installable Components are the "after market" components you can download into your Titan environment from They are typically custom blocks or XSL files that were written by or for our customers, but that are generic enough for anyone to use.

We maintain these after market components during the Titan development cycle and make those updates available to folks using the newest version of Titan.   


Tag Navigation

This is a new block available for download into Titan v6.0 and is used to place navigation links that will land users on a page with a filter block. The links are derived from the filtering attributes on the destination page. 

Google Analytics Server-side Tracking

This is a new block available for download into Titan v6.0 and is used to track site visits through Google Analytics using server-side rather than the traditional client-side/JavaScript approach. This is useful for tracking older mobile devices that have little or no support for JavaScript.  

Social Media Bookmarks Updated

This is a downloadable block that is being used often by a number of Titan users. It is a page tool that you can add to allow people to share information from your site on their social media outlets. In this version, we've added Google+ as one of the social media options.

Video Filter Updated

This is a downloadable block extension (XSL) that supports video playback of video files rendered using a Filter block. In this update, we've upgraded our Flowplayer implementation and added an XSL that expects videos in the 16:9 aspect ratio.