Version 5.9 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: February 23, 2012

Features / Enhancements

Data Management

A number of new features have been added to support user-defined data structures that fuel content. We've taken the lessons learned from the Event and Product functionality and created a framework that allows users to define, create and maintain their own data sites.  

New features include:

Data Schemas - A data schema is an organizational pattern. It is the way you conceptualize the structure of data. In Titan CMS, a data schema is the way you organize custom database tables and related data for implementing your own Data Site.


Data Tables - A data table is a user-defined table that is created in the Titan CMS database. Using custom tables, Titan CMS allows you to create new types of structured content for presentation on your website. 

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Data Controls - A data control is a building block for designing a data table. Each data control represents an underlying type in the database and specifies the user interface for editing content in the Titan CMS Workstation.

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Lookups - A Lookup is a special Tag that is designated for use as data content. 

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Data Sites - Titan CMS provides the ability to associate a pre-defined data table with a new Data Site.

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Upload Data - Titan CMS provides the ability to upload Data Site content directly into a Data Site using standard file formats like CSV, Tab-delimited or XML. This makes it easy to extract data content from third party systems and build content within Titan CMS.

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Mobile Site Support

The patterns and best practices are slowly advancing in the "mobile device" world we now live. One common approach involves creating a new website that will be tailored or "optimized" for mobile platforms.

To better support this approach, Titan CMS includes the following new features:

Mobile Device Detection - Using a system-level configuration setting, Titan CMS detect mobile device site visitors from their Browser User Agent.  

Mobile Site Configuration & Redirection - Titan CMS Content Site "globes" have a new configuration section for specifying the DNS name of a "mobile optimized" site. Using this information, Titan CMS redirects mobile device users to the mobile website.

Mobile Device Site Preference - Titan CMS also supports user preference selections. When viewing either the mobile optimized website or the traditional website, Mobile device users are presented the option to view the other site. This preference can be persisted via cookie.


API Enhancements

These enhancements are targeted at developers who work with Titan.

New and Enhanced CmsForm Controls - For Developers who have implemented their own Data Site editors, there are several new controls available, as well as enhancements to many existing controls.

  • The new CmsFormDateTime control is a  calendar control that allows a time selection.
  • We have enhanced the CmsFormFreeform to support Pop-up mode (as implemented in our Forms Editor Block) in addition to standard Embedded mode.
  • The new CmsFormLinkBuilder is a list control for selecting more than one link.
  • The new CmsFormMultiFilePicker is a list control for selecting more than one file.
  • The new CmsFormOptionList is a new base class to support controls that need to build a list of options that are stored as XML (used by the LinkBuilder and MultiFilePicker).
  • The enhanced CmsFormRadioButtonSet supports passing an XML string (CmsFormItems) to define the radio options.
  • The new CmsFormSimpleCheckbox is a single control that implements a single checkbox.
  • The new CmsFormTagsPicker is a Tag picker control that supports a single Classification.

Data Item Link Type - With the new Data Management functionality, we've added the ability to create links to Data Items using the LinkBuilder.  For example, if you are creating a catalog and you wanted to link to a "related-product" item, the Data Item Link Type will allow you to perform that linkage.  Note:  The display side of this feature is not available in this Titan version.

Save from Source Mode - We've restored the ability to exit a WYSIWYG editor directly from Source Mode. 

Retrieving Classifications by Type - The standard methods for retrieving the Classifications in the system have been extended to support retrieval by Classification Type (Security, Public, or specific Schema).

XDocument Parameters for XSL - We have extended the custom parameters for Navigation and List blocks to support component-based parameters that return XDocument objects.

New Extension Methods in LinqXmlSupport - We added two new extension methods to help when using XElement objects.

  • IsNullOrEmpty - An XElement extension to determine if an Element is null or its Value is an empty string.
  • ExistsButEmpty - An XElement extension to determine if an Element is not null and its Value is an empty string.

Database Performance Improvements - Two database-level changes were made to improve Workstation performance. First we added an XML Schema Collection to improve the operation that processes large sets of items. We also modified the workstation navigation calls to only return items that can be shown in a navigation tree (Site Map).  Example:  If your workstation navigation tree has a parent page with a large number of child pages, you should notice a decrease in the time needed to expand the tree and load your child pages.

Bugs Fixed from v5.8

Forms Editor Block

Issue: Forms Editor block "Results utility" not properly initialized when the containing page (i.e., the page where the Forms Editor block resides) is hidden.  Date Range defaults were not correct.
Resolution: Results utility correctly initializes date fields for hidden pages with Forms Editor block results.

Issue: On a page with more than one Forms Editor block, submissions returned a "raspberry" error.
Resolution: Pages with multiple forms correctly submit.

Page Share Block

Issue: Page Share block doesn't load when used as a Page Part.
Resolution: The Page Part now loads correctly.

Other Misc. Fixes

Issue: Site/Subtree Import doesn't recognize packages from previous versions of Titan.
Resolution: The intent of the Site/Subtree Import is to support import files from v5.8 forward and the filtering logic now allows this.

Issue: Editing an Internal Linked Page in the Workstation indicates the content has changed when it has not.
Resolution: The change detection routine for Linked Pages correctly identifies changes.

Issue: Editing Tags or Security assignments for a Site in Titan Administration causes all User preferences to be deleted.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) User preferences are preserved.

Issue: The "Download to Excel" feature in the Workstation generates a format warning within Excel.
Resolution: This feature now downloads a file that Excel can open natively without format warnings.

Issue: When creating a custom Browse View in the Workstation for Files, the "File Type" column heading contained a ">" character.
Resolution: The typographical error was removed.

Issue: When using either the Copy To operation or the File Import Task, Page URLs for new items were being cutoff.
Resolution: Page URL generation uses the Page Name for the final portion of the URL.  This final portion of the URL had a previous limit of 30 characters. It now supports up to 255 characters.

Issue: When using Internet Explorer to access Titan Administration, configuration fields did not receive focus until after a page refresh.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) After certain operations in Titan Admin, a full page reload is requested for Internet Explorer users.

Issue: In Titan Administration, under File Types, the File Picker Types checkbox selections were not saved correctly.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Checkbox selections are now saved correctly.

Issue: The icons used in the Workstation to show ascending or descending sort order (e.g., browse views) were inverted.
Resolution: The icons are now correct.

Issue: If a Site root node is selected in the Workstation tree, the Copy To operation was incorrectly enabled.
Resolution: The Copy To operation is not supported on the root node of any Site and has been disabled.

Issue: In User Management, setting a user's Content Management Edit Level to Reduced may not result in the Reduced User Interface.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The Reduced interface is now available in all user profile configurations.

Issue: The Workflow screen experienced cosmetic issues related to the display of the user's Email address in the picker for Users and Groups.
Resolution: We moved the Email address information into the hover tooltip.

Issue: The Copy To operation changed the Page URLs of Linked Page types, causing them to be broken.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The Linked Page URLs are now correctly copied.