Version 5.8 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: August 26, 2011

Features / Enhancements

Workstation Browser Support - The Titan CMS Workstation can be used with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or greater (in Standards Mode)
  • Firefox 3 or greater
  • Chrome 9 or greater

Import/Export for Sites, Tree Branches and Individual Nodes - A new feature has been added to allow Webmaster-level users the ability to import and export content in the Website Content Management module of the Workstation. This feature is intended to support users that have entered content in a development or staging environment and need an easy way to copy content to a production environment.
This feature supports import/export of the following:

  • An entire website node, file pile, or data site.
  • Full sections of the site map (file folders, event folders, page sub-trees).
  • An individual page.

Block Library (Block Copy) - The "Add New Block" dropdown has become a Block Library menu for your authors and editors. This library is available to all Content sites within your Titan instance.

In addition to the System Blocks that are included with base Titan, you can now copy blocks of content and add them to your Block Library.  You can make these copied content blocks available to all workstation users (Global) or only to your workstation login (Personal). 

Upgrade to the CK Editor (v3.6.1) - The CK Editor is used within the workstation wherever you have a Freeform block.   This latest version supports the IE9 browser as well as Firefox version 4, 5 and 6.  In addition to bug fixes, the editor now supports Table Cell resize handles.   You can resize your tables without accessing Table Properties.

New Activation Rules for Documents, Files, Data Site Records - We have simplified the activation rules for documents, files and data sites in our latest version of Titan.

Page Share Block Enhancements - We have added a Jump to Source feature that makes it easy to edit the page share source content.  In addition, we have prevented authors and editors from accidentally creating an infinite loop when selecting the source of the page share. Read more about these two enhancements...

Form Editor Block Enhancements - There are two new features:

  • Spam Prevention Feature – We have taken measures to prevent bots from programmatically submitting (form spamming) forms generated by the Titan Forms Editor block.  The new form validation attempts to prevent submissions by bots hoping to find open relays for sending email spam.
  • Scroll to Error Messages During Validation – Upon submission of a form, all error messages appear at the top of the form.  In the past, the visitor had to scroll to the top of the page to view these error messages.  This enhancement will automatically take the visitor to the top of the page.

Multi-File Upload Enhancement -  You now have the ability to restart a cancelled multi-file upload and retry failed file uploads. 
View an example.

Workstation Preview Resize Options (IE and Firefox browsers only)
You can resize your preview window by clicking on one of the Resize Preview Width links within the Working Version Preview box. 
View your options.

New Tree and Browse View Icons for Linked Pages - You will notice new icons for Internal, External, File and MailTo options.

API Enhancements

These enhancements are targeted at developers who work with Titan.

  • We now give you a way to hide the Refresh Site Navs button from your authors and editors assigned the Reduced Content Management Edit Level (a.k.a. “Titan Lite” Users).  This button resides in the top action bar in Web Content Management.
  • For Titan Lite users, you can hide the Refresh Nav button from display by updating the AuthorConfigData.xml file.
  • If you wish to hide the Refresh Nav button from all users, you can update the flag in the ScreenConfigData.xml file.
  • The Page Share block has been updated for full compatibility as a PagePart (i.e., it can be included within your page layout).
  • PageLanguage is stored in Session and accessible via StateData.HtmlTagLanguage.
  • Forms Editor Block validation of checkbox “groups” can be accomplished using the rel attribute.
  • CSS files for your website display should leverage blocks.css as the base common location for all block styles.  
  • The SupportsPagination parameter is now configurable for block XSLs.
  • We have added StateData.IsLocalUrl(string url) for validating returnUrl during website login.
  • Improved FilePicker LastFolderID/default selection
  • The Site Map block defaults to NavigationRoot for the site the current page is in.
  • We have added the LinqXmlSupport class to provide Linq-to-Xml and IEnumerable support.

Bugs Fixed from v5.7

Filter Block

Issue: Sort by Rating not sorting properly for items with equal average rating.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Added a secondary sort so items with higher total ratings are sorted to the top.

Issue: Filtered lists containing files show File Type filter links.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) File Type filtering is not supported by this block and so the links were removed.

Calendar Block

Issue: Items not sorted correctly when using "No Calendar" filtering option.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) When the calendar display is disabled, calendar items are sorted properly.

Issue: Event End Date not rendered on the display.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) On the display side, the Calendar block will correctly show the Event’s End Date, if selected.

Issue: AJAX-driven results render incorrect HTML.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) On the display side, the Calendar block’s AJAX output results in properly formatted HTML which no longer breaks the site design.

Form Editor Block

Issue: Form Block results not correctly showing submissions via Page Share block.
Resolution: Source document information is now being logged.

Issue: Form Block submissions don't appear in Results Viewer.
Resolution: Correct BlockID value is now being logged, allowing results to appear correctly.

Issue: 'Thank You' message not rendered for Forms generated via Page Share block.
Resolution: The Follow-up Text (i.e., 'Thank You' message) will now render on Page Share forms when the Form Submission Action is set to AJAX Submit.

Issue: Style selections not initialized when editing.
Resolution: The Form Editor block will now initialize correct Style selections when opening the block editor.

Other Misc. Fixes

Issue: The Email page tool opens a new Window/Tab in Firefox and Chrome.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The new window is no longer opened.

Issue: Online documentation links broken.
Resolution: The links to the online documentation now work correctly when the documentation icon is selected.

Issue: Link Builder unable to show list of anchors in the current Freeform block.
Resolution: The Titan Link Builder now displays a list of anchors available to the current Freeform block.

Issue: User Cookie incorrectly expired when accessing a Titan instance with more than one site using the Login block with the “Remember Me” feature.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) A user account can be “remembered” for each site.

Issue: File requests fail for first version when File Pile uses 0-Step Workflow.
Resolution: If your File Pile is setup with 0-Step Workflow, requests for “version 1” of a file will no longer result in 404 errors and broken graphics in the File Pile browse view display.

Issue: Navigation Tree in block/content editors hardcoded to max of 50 items.
Resolution: The navigation tree referenced in TOC and What’s New blocks has been updated to accurately read the TreeLimit global parameter set in Titan Administration.

Issue: Automatically calculated tag groupings list attributes unsorted in the User Management tree.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) User Management creates groups for a tag’s attributes when the total number of attributes exceeds 150. Within these arbitrary groups, the attributes display has been fixed to sort alphabetically.

Issue: Password reset using old password rather than autogenerated password when browser configured to store/auto-fill passwords.
Resolution: When reseting a password using the “auto-generate” password feature, the auto-generated password will be used.

Issue: Scheduled Tasks don't always run on schedule and next runtime incorrectly calculated.
Resolution: Scheduled Jobs in Titan Administration correctly calculate the next runtime for an automatic job so it will run on schedule.

Issue: Find feature of Navigation Tree in block/content editors doesn't search beyond tree limit.
Resolution: The Find feature of the navigation tree in block/content editors will now search beyond the TreeLimit value specified in Titan Administration.

Issue: Forgot My Password / User Password Reset Email message contains '%%USERREQUESTED%%'.
Resolution: The content of the Forgot My Password / User Password Reset Email message no longer contains the text '%%USERREQUESTED%%'

Issue: Linked Copy creates only one PageShare to link the Center Zone blocks from the Source document.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) A Linked Copy will create a new page and will now automatically build Page Share blocks for each content zone that is available for the specified page layout.

Issue: Login Block incorrectly handles expired password form state when used as a PagePart.
Resolution: When the Login block is a Page Part (i.e., it is part of the page layout), Titan will correctly handle the expired password form state.

Issue: Login Block doesn't validate returnUrl as a local path.
Resolution: We now validate that the returnUrl query string variable refers to an internal (relative) URL belonging to the current domain.

Issue: Importer doesn't correctly set Multi Select on Tags that are imported.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The Titan Importer has been fixed to correctly set the Selection type.

Issue: File Import task HideMissingFiles setting causes folders to always be hidden when File Pile has Photo Block support enabled.
Resolution: During the execution of the File Import background job with the “HideMissingFiles” setting, Titan first compares your source network file system list of files with those files already in Titan. If your File Pile has enabled Photo Block folder navigation, Titan will no longer hide file folders.

Issue: Large Display Order values cause INT2 overflow error.
Resolution: In Titan Properties, large Display Order values no longer cause an INT2 overflow error

Issue: Editing a form control in WYSIWYG Editor results in dialog box occasionally hvaing not content.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) The WYSIWYG Editor now correctly reinitializes the configuration for form fields, links and other dialogs.

After Market Component Updates

(Available through the Titan “Import New Components” option in Titan Administration)

  • Feed Reader Block
  • We fixed a problem with the block editor not initializing with correct values.
  • Filter Block Video Player (a.k.a. Flowplayer Filter block)
  • We resolved an “Unrecognized File Format” error when an author entered a mixed-case (i.e., upper/lower case) file extension on their video.
  • Social Media Bookmarks Enhancements
  • We now offer support for Google Analytics Campaign Tracking.  Campaign tracking is the ability to track how social media visitors behave on your website.  You tag your URLs with tracking tokens and then depending on where you link your content (e.g., Facebook or Twitter), Google Analytics is able to track data specific to the social media site.
  • You can now setup Share Menu capability (e.g.,  AddThis, ShareThis, etc.)  This feature allows your visitors to share your content with others.