Version 5.7 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: February 24, 2011

Content Enhancements

Segmented Search Block - Segmented search is a powerful new search feature that provides users with useful groups of search results selected from different parts of your Titan website. Searches for specific terms might return a mix of three results from each of the following: news, events, documents, images, and videos. A click on the segmented search filter bar allows the user to search deeper into any of the segments and view all returned items. Titan workstation users can configure Segment Search results to present an unlimited number of segments (although we believe 6-8 segments is probably a usable limit). Defined Segments can take advantage of Titan classifications (taxonomy), and can be built using Filter Blocks, dtSearch Indexes, or metadata queries, or custom search modules.

Bugs Fixed from v5.6

Issue: Multi-file upload fails for some file pile directories.
Resolution: Multi-file upload works across all file pile directories.

Issue: Listings of links and access to links not accurate for non-admin users.
Resolution: Access to read-only links now accurate and supports bypass traverse checking.

Issue: Custom Browse Views for files using both File Type Name and File Category fail.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Browse Views for files now can include File Type Name and File Category.

Issue: Standard search results listings not rendering description.
Resolution: (Hotfix available for v5.4 - v5.6) Search results correctly show description based on description order.

Issue: Page URL validation not catching leading/trailing spaces.
Resolution: (Hotfix available for v4.x - v5.6) Page URL validation now correctly catches leading/trailing spaces.

Issue: User Registration and File/Event Upload blocks using dropdown tag selections didn't initialize dropdown correctly.
Resolution: User Registration and File/Event Upload blocks correctly initialize tag selections.

Issue: User Registration password hint language grammatically inconsistent with account configuration.
Resolution: Text updated to generically describe password hint usage.

Issue: Database cleanup task doesn't always keep the correct number of versions.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Database cleanup task now correctly calculates versions to keep.

Issue: Filter block rendering in workstation incorrectly shows the Submit button.
Resolution: Filter block rendering in workstation now correctly shows the Submit button based on configuration.

Issue: Calendar control doesn't correctly show dates with events.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Calendar control now correctly shows dates with events.

Issue: Product Block Filter Area title still shows when filtering is disabled.
Resolution: Title now obeys block configuration.

Issue: List blocks generating empty heading and paragraph tags.
Resolution: List blocks no longer generate empty heading or paragraph tags.

Issue: StaticContent control doesn't correctly handle exceptions while loading source content.
Resolution: Exception handling fixed to bubble up friendly message in content.