Version 5.4 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: August 17, 2010

New Content Features

Simple Product Support - Titan CMS provides basic support for managing and presenting a catalog of Products. Like Events, Titan Products are managed as a series of structured fields, including a freeform Product Description, SKU/Item #, Part Number, Price, Manufacturer, and multiple Product Images. Additionally, the new Product Block is the standard way for presenting a catalog-like Product list as well as individual Product Details.

Enhanced Content Filtering - The Filtering functionality in Titan CMS has been expanded to add common product catalog filtering techniques used on websites today. Illustrated here is a Product Block configured to allowing filtering and sorting. A two-column, paginated list of products can be filtered by keyword or tag. Filtering with tags allows the standard checkbox list (Brands, Ratings), a single option selection with a dropdown (Climate Watch), and a single option selection with links (Price).

Additionally, the filtering tool now offers a collapsible interface. You’ll notice the black down arrow next to Price and Ratings. The block can be configured to make the options for the Tag collapse after selection. In addition, the filter labels identify the number of results available if you make that selection given the other options already selected from other tags.

Block Enhancements - With the new filtering capabilities, the Event Upload, File Upload and Registration Blocks have been enhanced to support presenting radio buttons and pull-down menus as alternatives for "single-select" tag selections.

Page Editing Links - A new page tool joins the standard Email and Print Options shown on each content page. The new option allows authenticated Titan users the ability to start editing the current page by jumping directly to the Content Tab in the Workstation.

Bugs Fixed from v5.3

Issue: IE8 Security Fix causes File Upload to fail under some security configurations.
Resolution: File Upload block now correctly uploads files in standard security configurations of IE8.

Issue: Custom Browse Views using complex columns (e.g., tags, keywords, etc) can fail to load if the field data is more than 200 characters.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Custom Browse Views with complex columns now load correctly.

Issue: Some upgraded sites generate errors building file piles (Workaround: clone an existing site).
Resolution: Building File Piles corrected for upgraded sites.

Issue: Filtering on calendar blocks configured without the calendar control fail to filter.
Resolution: Calendar blocks configured without the calendar control can now filter correctly.

Issue: AuditFlag was not applying on File Piles.
Resolution: (Hotfix availble) AuditFlag attribute correctly applied on File Piles.