Version 5.0 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: September 17, 2009


  • Windows 2008 Server Only – In order to stay current on technology platforms, Titan v5 now runs on Microsoft Server 2008. There is no support for previous versions of Windows Server.
  • Remove AD/AM (Active Directory/Application Mode) – Titan now uses its own authentication, and no longer requires Microsoft Active Directory/Application Mode (AD/AM) for authentication. There is a transition method for existing customers from AD/AM to Titan Authentication.
  • Upgrade to SQL 2008 – In order to leverage new features in SQL 2008, improving performance and stability, previous versions of SQL are no longer supported.
  • End User Account Registration - Titan will now allow Titan administrators to configure Account Registration including email confirmation, account approval, and account preferences.
  • Two new Blocks: Login and Registration so that administrators can build their own login and registration pages for each website. Default Login and Registration Page URLs can be configured in each content site
  • User personalization - Titan will now allow the Filter Block to filter content according to the end user's profile preferences. 
  • One DNS name/Site – To improve page handling and SEO, each content site will now need to be configured to respond to a single primary URL. Hits to any page within the site on a different primary URL will automatically redirect the user to the primary URL. This prevents pages linked between sites from rendering on the incorrect URL and also prevents google from seeing the same page on two URLs.
  • New User Management Module – We've redesigned the User Management Module to make it easier to view and report on user information, including a new User Dashboard showing active authors and private site users as well as users requiring action (approval, expiring, etc.)

Bug Fixes Corrected in v4.9

Issue: What's New RSS feed cannot process external links that sneak into the data
Resolution: External links are no longer processed in the RSS feed.

Issue: Empty commenting page part not sending well formed HTML
Resolution: Empty commenting page part now sends well formed HTML

Issue: Site Map can render with empty <ul /> tags when the Index Page flag is turned off
Resolution: Site Map will no longer render with empty <ul /> tags when the Index Page flag is off

Issue: Non-admin users cannot browse to select new CSS files on Properties tab
Resolution: Non-admin users can now browse to select new CSS files on Properties tab

Issue: Configuring a CSS file on one Page Layouts changes it on all globes with that layout
Resolution: Changing CSS file no longer changes all globes with that layout

Issue: Single quotes in metatags and/or page title cause invalid HTML
Resolution: Single quotes in metatags and/or page title no longer cause invalid HTML

Issue: mailto: link not properly encoding all arguments
Resolution: mailto: link now properly encoding all arguments

Issue: Photo Block doesn't save image sizes if file pile changed to different image size set
Resolution: Different image sizes are now saved in Photo Block

Issue: Creation of a file pile not based on existing file pile generates bad server information (no default upload/download settings)
Resolution: Creating a new file pile now sets defaults and allows changes

Issue: Cloned user not picking up default workstation config information
Resolution: Workstation configuration is now defaulted properly

Issue: Inconsistent workstation behavior if changes are present and user selects "ALL" in browse or dashboard and doesn't choose cancel
Resolution: User can now select "ALL" in browse or dashboard without choosing cancel

Issue: Replace fails to find strings with embedded single or double quotes
Resolution: Replace now finds strings with embedded single or double quotes