Version 4.9 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: March 15, 2009

Download and Install Add-ons and Enhancements

Titan CMS will now allow you to search/find and install add-ons to the base Titan product. Add-ons include:

Blocks and Block Enhancements: New content blocks enabling you to create and manage different content
Skins: New example designs, complete with 2-3 page layouts, CSS, and example pages of Titan blocks
Templates: Example websites for different types of organizations

Block Changes

The FAQ block now allows the author to optionally turn on the question list at the top (with links to the question/answer pair) as well as turn on a "Return to Top" link after each question/answer.
Calendar and Filter

You can now disable parts of the subtree. For example, I can select the "Products" subtree of the site, and then unselect "Medium Wigdets" leaving Small and Large Widgets selected
You can now sort the results by the display priority (the number entered on the properties tab)
You can now use the first freeform block of the page content as the Filter block description (in addition to the short and long teaser). This is helpful to present a blog-like interface in the filter block or to provide a filter block description that is the same as the initial content of the page.

Download as Excel

All results shown in the Results Tab of the Web Content Management module now provide a "download as Excel" button. Clicking this button will prompt the user to save/open an Excel file containing all items (not only those shown on the screen) in the current view. The download will include all columns in the current view.

Site Summary

Titan Administration now provides a Site Summary screen, showing details of number of users, sites, pages, and documents as well as database size information. The summary will also identify potential license conflicts and suggest the required license based on site data.

Bug Fixes Corrected in v4.8

Issue: File links with "Attachment=yes" do not download as attachments
Resolution: File links now download attachments

Issue: Files with hyphens in their name are not recognized to be updated during import files task
Resolution: File with hyphens are now properly recognized

Issue: Photo block fails if it points to a file directory that was created using a global copy operation
Resolution: Photo block now handles copied directories properly

Issue: Very very narrow images cannot be uploaded in Titan (2px x 500 px)
Resolution: Images of all shapes and sizes (even very very narrow ones) now work