Version 4.7 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: November 18, 2008

Global Search and Replace

Global Search and Replace enables Titan CMS users to:

Search through all content pages, file metadata, and events for terms or phrases, and replace them with new content.
Search within HTML content to update link URLs and HTML code (e.g replace an <H2> tag with an <H3> tag).
Search metadata fields and Titan properties.

New Block: Event Upload

A new block has been added to Titan CMS to allow site visitors to submit events to the Calendar. With the new block, users can:

Customize event entry experience by enabling/disabling various event detail fields
Configure event publishing approval for specific event calendars
Enable file attachment submission

Block Enhancements

Enhancements to existing blocks include:

Calendar block now supports Year as an optional filter view
Page Share block now supports the selection of which Block Zone to display
Forms Editor blocks can now use Recaptcha for Spam prevention
Sort items by rating in TOC and Filter Blocks
Search Results block supports showing the number of page views for each result item

Comments & Ratings Enhancements and Integration

The Commenting & Rating capability of Titan CMS has been extended to allow:

Sorting by Rating in List-style blocks (TOC, Filter, etc.)
Viewing and adding of comments to pages from List-style blocks
Analysis of content commenting and rating statistics through new Browse Views in the workstation
Presentation of Rating statistics without requiring presentation of comments

Miscellaneous Workstation Enhancements

Dashboard widgets in zoom mode support sorting and filtering 
Auditing of page load times

Bug Fixes Corrected in v4.7

Issue: When uploading a new file version, the UploadDate property does not change when the file name remains the same.
Resolution: Uploading new versions now correctly updates the UploadDate property
Issue: Email notification to owners fails for content items that have versions scheduled to become active after an active expiring document
Resolution: Email notification fixed to correctly identify content items regardless of version
Issue: When using AJAX capable content pages (e.g. with Filter blocks), the Print Page and Email this Page do not represent the visible content presented through AJAX calls.
Resolution: Page tool functions now follow the content in the main window
Issue: Dynamic sitemap.xml content contains links to external websites, which is not allowed by Google Webmaster Tools
Resolution: External links are now excluded from the sitemap.xml, and page links rendered using the Site Map block will only be listed if the Index Page flag is checked.