Version 4.6 Release Notes | Titan CMS

Release Date: August 15, 2008

Commenting and Rating

Commenting and Ratings provides allows Titan CMS users to:

Create and configure Comment and Rating Templates
Enable Comment and Ratings Templates to be used on the site
Turn on Comments on one or page pages
Manage Comments

Create and configure Comment and Rating Templates

[Create and Comment and Rating Template] Commenting and Rating Templates can be created using the Titan freeform editor, allowing the administrator to create custom comment forms with standard Titan Comment fields for Name, Email, Rating, and Comment. Additional fields can be added to the form using Titan's standard form editor functionality.

When the comment and rating template is enabled on a page, end user feedback is accumulated in the commenting workstation for review by the author/editor.

Enable Comment and Ratings Templates to be used on the site
[Configure a Comment Template on a Site]

Once a template has been created in Titan Administration, you can activate the template on one or more Titan sites. Once activated, you can select options such as displaying comments on the site (limiting on days and/or number of comments), providing summary rating information (average rating and total ratings), use reCaptcha (distorted image to prevent spam), configured email notification when comments are entered, and turn on moderation.

Turn on Comments on one or page pages

[Enable a Comment and Rating Template on a Page] The author/editor can enable a comment template that has been activated on a site to be used on one or more pages in the site. The comment template is turned on in the properties of the page. Using Multi tag and edit enables the author to turn on the template on multiple pages.

In order for comment and rating templates to appear on the pages, the page layout for the page must have commenting and rating configured on it.

Managing Comments

[Commenting Workstation Management] Titan CMS allows the author/editor/webmaster to manage comments in the system:

View pending, approved, unapproved, featured, or all comments for one page, multiple pages, or the entire system.
Approve, Unapprove, Feature (highlight at the top of the comment list), or delete comments.
Edit Comments
Perform global actions: approve all, unapprove all, feature all, delete all.


User Dashboard

The Start menu has become a dashboard providing additional site-wide information including:

Top pages
Unapproved Comments
Pages with New Comments

Dashboard panels allow you to zoom (when applicable) into the details for the panel
Multi-tag and edit is enabled for all pages displayed in the panels 

Support for Favorite Icons (Favicon)

In previous version of Titan, bookmark icons (Favicon) could be added by entering the HTML code in the Pre-Titan code Snippets for a page layout. Titan v4.6 has added the ability to upload and assign Favicons for each content site in Titan Administration. 

Bug Fixes Corrected in v4.6

Issue: User blocks and/or applications that use postback won't recieve message (Hotfix available)
Issue: Thumbnail operation from PhotoBlock stops at the application variable setting for BrowseLimit (default is 50) items
Result: Thumbnail operation now processed all images
Issue: Cosmetic cleanup to Base Calendar XSLs; cleaned up enable/disable logic on calendar control
Issue: Classification attributes (values) truncate if they contain & or < 
Result: Classification attributes no longer truncate if they contain & or <
Issue: The freeform editor Flash dialog throws HTML error (Hotfix available)
Result: The flash dialog operates correctly
Issue: A user in the UserAdmins group could not enter the User Administration module
Result: Placing a user in the UserAdmins group now enables the user to act as a User Administrator
Issue: ContactUs block (legacy block--should be considered obsolete) failed to load correctly
Result: ContactUs loads properly
Issue: Changes to the page layout independent of css do not preview correctly if css is set to Default 
Result: Changes to the page layout now show correctly in preview
Issue: Refresh Nav/Site can fail if DNS names are "similar" 
Result: Refresh Van/Site works properly for all DNS names
Issue: Some CSS files fail to load correctly with Admin workstation CSS class picker
Result: CSS files now load properly
Issue: The "Audit" checkbox on page properties allowed selecting/unselecting when auditing was disabled for the site, causing confusion.
Result: The "Audit" checkbox in properties is now disabled if auditing is not enabled for the site
Issue: Metatags Keywords confusing to enter
Result: Updated label to instruct the user to enter keywords separated with commas, if the user enters keywords using the ENTER key instead of commas the system will translate the ENTER key to a comma, and if duplicatekeywords are entered on a page they will be removed during the save.