Version 4.5 Release Notes | Titan CMS

Release Date: May 12, 2008

Enhanced results grid and edit flow

[TitanCMS v45 Enhanced Results Grid] The results tab has been enhanced, providing users with AJAX searching (including children) and views based on the content type being navigated. “Jump” and “Edit” links were added to the item list, making it easier and more obvious to take action within the results tab.
Finally, the results tab is now the default tab opened when selections are made in the left navigation as well as after save/publish events.

Site-level Control of Navigation Caching

Configured in each Content Site in Titan Administration
Navigation caching is now configured site by site
Configure a public site for public caching, and an Extranet for private caching

Upgrade to Visual Studio 2008

Built on Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5.
Customers upgrading to Titan v4.5 will need to install .NET 3.5.

Microsoft ATLAS Support in Application Blocks

Microsoft Atlas (Microsoft AJAX support) is now supported in the Titan Application block.

Photo Block

Produce a Photo Gallery on Titan pages.
Supports display of multiple directories (folders)
Thumbnail generation

[TitanCMS v4.5 TitanLite Interface] TitanLite Workstation Interface

Configure users for reduced functionality
Remove complex features
Allow users to focus on managing content
Configure each user for TitanLite in Users & Groups Module

Mobile Site Support

Titan v4.5 includes a new page processor, which produces very thin websites for the mobile environment. Simple page layouts can now be created to produce mobile sites that render quickly and easily on mobile devices.

System tray icon notification for editors

Installed at each client
Notification of Titan action items at desired interval
Open Titan workstation from system tray application

Filter Block – Sort by Views

The Filter Block has been enhanced to allow the author to sort results by the number of views on the site. This feature enables the author to show the most popular items at the top of the results. The author can also optionally show the view count on the site (right).

This feature is configured in the block editor on the page.

Filter Block - Use Search Entry for keywords

Used on site Search Results page
Author can select to Use Search Box for Keyword Entry
Presents a list of Titan items (pages, documents, events) related to the keyword.

Bug Fixes Corrected in v4.5

Issue: Titan v4.4 added a feature to use AJAX when searching for and displaying results in a filter block. When checked, the system did not always save the selection. (Hot Fix Available)

Result: The selection saves correctly.

Issue: The Notes field within the Notes Tab for a page did not save if bad data was entered.

Result: It now saves all data that can be entered on a keyboard.

Issue: Entering a value in the “Source Email” in the forms editor did not send the notification email from that source. Instead, it sent the email from the globally defined source email.
Result: Form Editor submissions are now sent from the source email defined in the form editor. 

Issue: Using apostrophe’s in a classification name or classification value caused problems with the operation of the Tag Picker (the interface used to select tags on pages).
Result: Apostrophe’s no longer cause issues.

Issue: Creating a classification with no classification values causes the Titan workstation to crash.
Result: The workstation no longer crashes if no values are entered for a classification.

Issue: Saving classifications with “Reset Children” selected may cause a debugging message in Titan. (Hot Fix Available)
Result: Resetting Children no longer causes a debugging message.

Issue: Previewing a page in the Titan workstation with more than 10 blocks does not display the preview properly.
Result: The workstation preview now displays the preview properly regardless of the number of blocks.