Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Review information about the latest enhancements, feature improvements and bug fixes rolled out as with each version of Titan CMS. 

Version 7.1

Titan CMS Version 7.1 features enhanced code snippet support.

Version 7.0

Titan CMS Version 7.0 features a new administrative user interface built from the ground up using modern coding patterns and technologies.

Version 6.9.5

Titan CMS Version 6.9.5 features the new ReFlex Theme to provide a polished, professional experience to your end users.  When it comes to communicating your brand, having a responsive, professional looking website can make a BIG difference in how your brand is perceived. 

Version 6.9

Titan CMS Version 6.9 features a new Responsive Template and the ability to Drag and Drop images and files into freeform editors. It includes an upgraded version of CKEditor and the Accessibility Checker.

Version 6.8

Titan CMS Version 6.8 features a revamped Smart Search interface and new managed search result options. It also includes an SEO Problems view, Telephone Links, and new Sorting options.

Version 6.7

Titan CMS Version 6.7 focuses on infrastructure upgrades (Windows 2012 R2, SQL 2014, .NET 4.5.2) and providing Chrome users with a non-Silverlight Data Uploader.

Version 6.6

Titan CMS Version 6.6 introduces Relationships for Data Sites. It also includes new display options for the FAQ block, and a scalability improvement to Navigation Caching.

Version 6.5

Titan CMS Version 6.5 introduces Geographic Coordinates and Proximity Filtering for Data Sites. It also includes improvements to the Content Picker that make linking content much easier.

Version 6.4

Titan CMS Version 6.4 focuses on improved Calendar support for custom data content by introducing Calendar Filters and Recurring Dates. Improves event content management by allowing ICS file upload into Data Sites.

Version 6.3

Titan CMS Version 6.3 extends data content filtering through user-defined range filtering. It also streamlines management of SEO content through new export and import functionality.

Version 6.2

Titan CMS Version 6.2 continues to bring new functionality surrounding the management of custom data content. We've added the ability to build and publish forms for editing data content on the front-end. In addition, we've completely revamped our link and image selection tools. We have also added a new Filter input that suggests Tag attributes to end-users.

Version 6.1

Titan CMS Version 6.1 introduces an often requested Workstation enhancement - Where Used in the File File Pile. Where Used is a new Browse View for File Piles that shows you all the places where file assets are being used in your content and configuration. In addition, two new Dashboard Widgets have been added - Unused Files and Most Shared Pages. We also made performance enhancements to the filter-style blocks.

Version 6.0

Titan CMS Version 6.0 includes new blocks and functionality to support user-defined presentation of custom data. We've built on the custom data content features of v5.9 to make it easy to display listings and detailed views of your custom data content. In addition, we have upgraded our web services architecture to utilize Windows Communication Foundation.

Version 5.9

Titan CMS Version 5.9 includes the ability to design, create and manage custom data content. Authors and editors can download data content for local modification and upload the data back into Titan. An enhancement has also been made to provide Mobile device and redirect support for Mobile Optimized sites.

Version 5.8

Titan CMS Version 5.8 includes the ability to export and import site content, files and data sites. Authors and editors will be interested in the new block copy feature - a time saver when building and maintaining websites. Enhancements have also been made to the Page Share and Forms Editor blocks. A new version of the CK Editor supports the latest browsers and includes enhancements/bug fixes.

Version 5.7

Titan CMS Version 5.7 includes a new block called Segmented Search

Version 5.6

Titan CMS Version 5.6 includes usability enhancements to the calendar control in the Calendar block, file throughput enahncements that allow better utilization of cached files, support for Range Requests (mobile video formats), and an upgrades to .NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

Version 5.5

Titan CMS Version 5.5 includes enhancements to the Form Block to support file uploads, email to form submitters, prepopulating of form fields, posting data to external web-based applications. A new version of the CK freeform editor brings back editor templates for defining commonly used HTML snippets. We have also added support in the freeform editor for placement of videos in content.

Version 5.4

Titan CMS Version 5.4 includes a new data node and block for presenting product details and catalogs, including major enhancements to filtering capabilities. New content features include a new Page Tool for opening the Workstation to edit the current page, and radio buttons and dropdown menus for making single-select changes for tags in many standard blocks.

Version 5.3

Titan CMS Version 5.3 includes new productivity enhancements for content administration, including Browse Views pagination, the return of "Sticky Tabs", Bulk Emailing to Titan Users and a new multiple file upload utility. New content features include Favorite Icons per page, Simple banner support, and Calendar styling to show dates with events.

Version 5.1 - 5.2

Titan CMS v5.1 and v5.2 have been bundled together, delivering a number of workstation enhancements. Version 5.1 adds support for more advanced Browse Views for viewing your managed items, including the ability to create user-defined views that can be shared globally in the system. You can also set your own view as the default. Version 5.2 adds Theming - a new way to organize and manage your templates. Titan offers a number of built in themes that you can choose from and tailor for your needs.

Version 5.0

Titan CMS v5 brings a new infrastructure to the powerful content management system, including an upgrade to Windows 2008, 64-bit as well as SQL 2008. In addition, we've removed AD/AM, improved login performance, and added configurable account registration/approval, login, and profile edit capabilities.

Version 4.9

Titan CMS v4.9 adds the functionality of searching for add-ons and enhancements to the Titan system, and clicking to download and install the updates directly into the system. It also contains updates to the FAQ, Filter, and Calendar blocks. You can also now download results pane items to Excel, and get Site Summary information from Titan Administration.

Version 4.8

Titan CMS Version 4.8 Release Notes including Image Management - Cropping, Resizing and Rotating of images, Auto-generation of web-ready images, editing of multiple image simultaneously.

Version 4.7

Titan CMS Version 4.7 Release Notes including Global Search and Replace, new Event Upload block, enhancements to the Calendar block, Recaptcha support in the Forms Editor block, and sorting of Filter block content by ratings

Version 4.6

Titan CMS Version 4.6 Release Notes including commenting and Ratings, Start Dashboard (PQL), FavIcon support in Titan Administration, Prevent author/editor from saving without making security selections

Version 4.5

Titan CMS Version 4.5 Release Notes including TitanLite, Enhanced Grid Results, Site Level Caching, Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Atlas (AJAX), Mobile Site Support, System Tray Notification, Filter Block Search Keyword, Filter Block Sort by Views, and Photo Block.