Titan CMS Requirements

We have hosting options to fit your business goals and budget, while making your company’s IT department feel secure and at ease.


Microsoft Gold PartnerWhether your hosting needs are with the cloud, physical servers, virtual machines, server farms or somewhere you haven’t determined, rest assured that Titan CMS can handle it.

Northwoods provides managed hosting options that provide great performance and reliability appropriate to most websites without putting a lot of work on your IT department. You can also self-host Titan CMS on-premises or in your private cloud, especially useful for businesses with specific compliance or regulatory requirements.

Northwoods-Managed Hosting

As a Microsoft Partner, Northwoods offers numerous Microsoft Azure-based hosting options.  Leveraging Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, we are able to provide cloud hosting options - big and small. Our shared hosting environment provides great performance and reliability appropriate to most websites. For mission critical sites where high availability, reliability, and performance are a must, Northwoods-managed dedicated Azure hosting options are available.

The value of managed hosting with Northwoods is you don’t have to worry.  We do the setup, configuration and maintenance.  Our hosting environments are built specifically for Titan CMS, ensuring quality and consistency. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, Northwoods is there to handle the situation.


If you choose not to use Northwoods-managed hosting, Titan CMS supports a wide range of self-hosting configurations. Among the most common:

  • For large enterprises with mission critical requirements, Titan CMS can run in a dedicated server farm. By load balancing multiple web, application, and database servers, you can run Titan CMS with fault-tolerant redundancy, high availability, and maximum performance.
  • For medium-sized businesses, a single dedicated server can provide a solid hosting environment without the complexity and overhead of a multiple-server environment.
  • For small businesses, a server shared with other applications can provide a cost-effective approach to hosting that minimizes server configuration and maintenance time.

The minimum software requirements for hosting Titan CMS are:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit
  • Microsoft IIS 8.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 64-bit
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5.2

Northwoods can make hardware recommendations based on your expected usage and load.

Is your company interested in self-hosting?  Contact us to learn more of how we can work with you.


Titan CMS is available in four licensing models.  In addition, special licenses are available to non-profit and government agencies.


Titan CMS release notes are specific to each version of the product and contain information on new features, enhancements and bug fixes for that specific release.

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Version 6.9.5

Titan CMS Version 6.9.5 features the new ReFlex Theme to provide a polished, professional experience to your end users.  When it comes to communicating your brand, having a responsive, professional looking website can make a BIG difference in how your brand is perceived. 

Version 6.9

Titan CMS Version 6.9 features a new Responsive Template and the ability to Drag and Drop images and files into freeform editors. It includes an upgraded version of CKEditor and the Accessibility Checker.

Version 6.8

Titan CMS Version 6.8 features a revamped Smart Search interface and new managed search result options. It also includes an SEO Problems view, Telephone Links, and new Sorting options.

Version 6.7

Titan CMS Version 6.7 focuses on infrastructure upgrades (Windows 2012 R2, SQL 2014, .NET 4.5.2) and providing Chrome users with a non-Silverlight Data Uploader.

Version 6.6

Titan CMS Version 6.6 introduces Relationships for Data Sites. It also includes new display options for the FAQ block, and a scalability improvement to Navigation Caching.

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