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Add Photo Block

  1. Click the Add Content button.
  2. Select Photoadd photo block
    1. Configure your Photo block.                                                                                                                             configure photo block
      1. Click the Choose Folder button to open the Content Explorer. Select the folder(s) where photos are stored in TitanCMS workstation. By selecting the folder, the sizes of Thumbnail, Small, Medium and Large will auto populate the Image Size drop downs.  content explorer photo
      2. Set the size selections for Teaser/Filmstrip Image Size:
        • Thumbnail  (default value)
        • Large
        • Medium
        • Small
      3. Set the size selections for Features/Primary Image Size:
        • Medium (default value)
        • Large
        • Small
        • Thumbnail
      4. Set the size selections for Popup/Detail Image Size:
        • Large (default value)
        • No Large Image (Website display, clicking image will not display a pop up)
        • Original
        • Medium
        • Small
        • Thumbnail
      5. Select if you'll have Folder Navigation (enable/disable). This option requires that the File Pile be configured for folder navigation in Titan Admin Workstation. This association will map all folders within the selected file pile to this block. The default is disabled.
      6. Determine Filmstrip Options:
        • Show small thumbnails - default checked
        • Show Previous/Next Buttons - default checked                                                                                                               display settings photo block
      7. Set the Display Options for Add a Title for Photos Block.
      8. Select Style
      9. Select Teaser Text
      10. Display or hide Teaser Images
      11. Configure link properties
      12. Select Pagination options.
        • Select Number of Views - Auditing needs to be configured.  Check if you'd like retain statistics of views and show in photo display.
      13. Select Comments and Ratings.
      14. Select Date options.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Click PUBLISH in the App Ribbon to retain changes.  

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