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Server Products is a leading global provider of market-driven dispensing solutions for the foodservice industry.

If B2B distributors can easily and efficiently share product information through their online catalogs, what value do manufacturer catalogs provide to customers? For Server Products, the solution was to step away from focusing solely on product information in its catalog and incorporate what those distributors couldn’t: customer service.

The Titan CMS team worked with Server Products to develop a next-generation product catalog that incorporates data-driven product FAQs, YouTube video libraries, and dynamic product variant tables within a single product detail page. Previously, this information had been listed in several locations on the site, requiring users to go to a product page if they needed technical specifications, find the customer service page for FAQs and how-to videos, and visit a resources page for PDFs and other documents. Users now visit just one product detail page to find both product-specific customer service resources and technical information. This saves users time and adds value unavailable on distributor sites.

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