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Gehl Food and Beverage is the nation's largest manufacturer of low-acid, aseptic dairy products and is dedicated to providing delicious, nutritious, and convenient foods for the whole family.

The Situation

  • Gehl Food & Beverage, which uses Titan CMS to power their website presence, wanted to redesign their corporate website and also needed a new website for their consumer products. 
  • After our team learned more about their strategy and goals, we provided them with recommendations on how to divide their current content into two websites.
  • Their traditional marketing collateral and branding for their consumer products didn't match their exisiting online presence.

The Solution

  • Our team helped Gehl Food & Beverage separate their consumer products into a new website, keeping their B2B products on the corporate site, to better meet each audience’s unique needs. 
  • Gehl Food & Beverage already had a strong brand that targeted the consumer side of the business, called Gehl's. Our team just needed to effectively translate that brand identity to the digital space to create a stunning new, consumer-friendly website. 
  • A bright color palette, a plethora of outstanding product images, and even some hand drawn illustrations gave us more than enough inspiration to create a design that matched Gehl’s needs. 

The Outcome

  • Gehl's now has a fun, energetic website that enhances their consumer brand and unifies their brand identity across both digital and traditional marketing efforts.
  • The web user interface creates a better user experience for consumers who can now more easily navigate the site and its content to achieve their goals.  

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