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Flexco’s vision is to become the No. 1 resource for products and services that maximize belt conveyor uptime, productivity, and safety.

Titan CMS Helps Flexco Manage Data on 9,000+ Products

Flexco manufacturers and sells more than 9,000 products, making ongoing management and online presentation of product data sheets, instruction guides, videos, images, and documents a significant challenge. So much so that, before using Titan CMS and working with Northwoods, which powers Titan CMS, the Flexco team had all but given up on keeping its previous website up-to-date.

The Situation

  • Flexco needed a custom solution to integrate data from various systems, effectively and efficiently manage it, and seamlessly upload it to their website for public viewing.
  • Product data, including data sheets, instruction guides and videos, kept in both SharePoint, Vimeo and YouTube, needed to be easily combined for presentation in Flexco’s online Resource Library.
  • Additionally, Flexco needed a more efficient and simpler way to manage data for the more than 9,000 products it sells.

The Solution

  • Northwoods’ deep manufacturing expertise, combined with more than 20 years of software development experience and Titan CMS, Northwoods’ enterprise content management system, provided the solutions Flexco was looking for.
  • The software development team developed and customized a Product Information Management system (PIM) that allows Flexco’s staff to easily key in product information and automatically publish updates from the application to Titan CMS. Data from the PIM is seamlessly integrated into five separate structured data nodes – one for each of the different language sites that Flexco maintains. From there, Flexco’s translation partner, OmniLingua, grabs the documents for translation and, once translated, publishes final versions directly in Titan CMS.
  • Our software developers also created a structured data node in Titan CMS that, through XML file uploads, integrates the more than 3,900 various documents in the Resource Library with data from both SharePoint and Vimeo and minimal manual work on Flexco’s end.

The Outcome

  • Flexco’s custom-developed PIM acts as a single repository of data on all of its products.
  • Due to the flexibility offered by Titan CMS – and a custom-built PIM - the Flexco website is available in five languages across eight different regions, with content seamlessly customized and continuously updated for each.
  • Six months after launching its new website on Titan CMS, Flexco experienced a 20% increase in sessions and a 68% increase in users compared to the previous six month period.

“Northwoods’ experience with data integration and ability to deliver custom software solutions, plus an easy-to-use CMS, was a game changer for us. The deep manufacturing expertise they brought to the table meant they immediately understood our challenges and crafted the best solutions. We didn’t have to spend time trying to educate our digital partner, which saved us incalculable time and energy. And, we now have a fantastic, user-friendly solution that ensures our online product information is more easily managed and kept up-to-date.” - Elizabeth Schneider, Digital Data Specialist, Flexco

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