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Titan CMS Improves Website User Experience and Internal Efficiencies for Manufacturer

A Case Study
By Doug Lantz
November 2, 2020
2 Minute Read

PactivEvergreen produces and distributes the highest quality foodservice packaging products, supplying every major foodservice retailer and distributer in North America. So, it goes without saying that it’s essential for PactivEvergreen’s public-facing website to offer a seamless, efficient user experience to provide users with the information they need and to help drive sales.

At the same time, having an easy-to-use and manage CMS system is critical to creating internal efficiencies and allowing multiple authors to make content changes.

After several years of dealing with an underperforming website that was limiting sales and complicated CMS that never worked as expected, PactivEvergreen made the decision to find a new digital partner.

That’s when they selected Titan CMS, powered by Northwoods, and partnered with our design, user experience and software development experts to turn their digital presence around.

New Digital Strategy Guides Website Redesign, Software Development

Our team kicked off PactivEvergreen’s website replatforming and redesign project by developing a new digital strategy. From there, the team designed and built PactivEvergreen’s new website on Titan CMS, which allowed for easy SAP and Salisfy integration and highly effective sitewide search. Titan CMS’ search capabilities now consistently return accurate search results so users can find products and place orders quickly and easily.


Example of Pactiv's website showing how their site search functions


In addition to a new digital strategy and new website, Northwoods’ software development team built a custom web application that allowed what used to be a tedious manual order fulfillment process to become fully automated and self-service.

The team also built a new, online PDF builder that allows the user to build a cart of PactivEvergreen products they are interested in and then generates a custom designed online catalog on the fly, virtually eliminating the need for printed catalogs.


Example screen shot of Pactiv's online PDF builder


Pactiv’s team has been so happy with the quality of work and the results achieved so far that they are now partnering with Northwoods’ digital marketing team on digital advertising, as well.

We’re grateful for our partnership with PactivEvergreen and look forward to continuing to help them evolve their digital presence in the years ahead!

If you’re searching for a flexible, scalable content management system to power your digital presence – backed by a friendly, dedicated team of in-house software and digital marketing experts -, meet Titan CMS! Request a demo today.

By Doug Lantz