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Titan CMS 7.4 Now Available

By Titan CMS Team
January 10, 2024

The newest version of Titan CMS, v7.4, is now available. v7.4 features a significant update to Smart Search, as well as support for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 and .NET Framework 4.8. 

Smart Search Overhaul

Titan CMS Smart Search is a unique feature that automatically captures and records the keywords visitors use when searching your website and gives you complete control over on-site search results. Current Titan CMS users are familiar with Smart Search's many benefits:

  • Get insights into what users are looking for and what pages appear in on-site search results
  • Promote specific pages by arranging the order of results
  • Design your own results cards to call more attention to critical content
  • Fine-tune targeted content by writing custom descriptions and titles for each page
  • Identify content your users are looking for that is missing from your site

Now, Smart Search features significant improvements that make it easier than ever to manage and control your on-site search results. New Smart Search features include:

  • Improved usability and a revamped user interface
  • New main dashboard
  • New index dashboard featuring improved date filters, sortable columns, and configurable views.
  • Enhanced results and search term editing capabilities
  • New freeform managed result option
  • Easier search indexes management

Additional enhancements in v7.4 include support for Microsoft SQL Server 2022, .NET Framework 4.8, and minor bug fixes.

Learn More

Visit our Version Enhancements page for more detailed release notes.

If you're a current client and are interested in upgrading to v7.4 – or if you're not already on Total Care and want to learn how you can always stay on the latest version of Titan CMS by switching to our Total Care plan – please reach out to your Business Development Manager or contact us here

Not a current Titan CMS user but want to learn more? Schedule a demo!

By Titan CMS Team

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