Version 6.3 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: March 21, 2014

Features / Enhancements

Range Filtering

Range Filters - This is a new kind of Classification that can be used for filtering data records based on the information stored in Data sites. Administrators can create Range Filters with attributes that define minimum and maximum values, which can be used to filter data where a column contains values "between X and Y", "less than X", or "greater than Y".  Examples of possible filters: Find all products with a price between $10 and $20;  Find all events between June 1 and June 30;  Find all employees with less than one year of employment; Find all documents with a size greater than 100k; etc. 

In addition, a new system-defined Range Filter, "Date Ranges", provides filter attributes for commonly understood date-based ranges, like "Today", "Tomorrow", and "Next Month". 


Data List Filter Builder

Filter Builder - Along with the new Range Filters is a new way to configure filters (Keywords, Tags, Lookups, and now Ranges) in the Data List block in the Titan workstation. Filter Builder gives administrators more control of the order of the filters and their headings.


SEO Properties Import/Export

Using the import/export functionality built for Data Sites, we've extended Titan to support import/export of the standard SEO Properties for all pages, files, data records. This data can easily be downloaded using the new SEO Properties Browse View, edited in a spreadsheet (most commonly), and uploaded through the Content Upload utility.  This feature allows administrators to make bulk updates to SEO properties for all Titan managed content types. 


Multiple Friendly URLs for a Single Page

URL Aliases - Authors and Editors may now manage more than one URL for a page, file, or data record. When pages are requested using an Alias URL, Titan resolves to the current Page URL using a 301 redirect. Previously, multiple URLs were allowed for Titan conent, but there was no easy way to manage them.  This feature can be used to support for legacy URLs after an upgrade or conversion, suppo


Other Enhancements

Data Editor Public Forms - Data Editor forms can now be used on public sites. This makes it possible to implement basic HTML forms that feed into a Data Site.

Public Display Caching for Lists - The Filter block and Data List block can be configured to cache the default public view of their content to improve site performance when presenting static lists.

Character Counters - We added character counters to the Page Name, Page Title, Metatag Description, Long Teaser and Short Teaser fields on the Properties tab. This is helpful for optimizing names and descriptions for search engines.


API Enhancements

These enhancements are targeted at developers who work with Titan.

"Please wait ... " Message - Filter blocks and Data List blocks now present a message while making asynchronous requests for results.

Hide the Version Delete Button - Administrators can modify system configuration XML to hide the version delete button for users of the reduced workstation interface. 


Bugs Fixed from v6.2

Workstation Tree Fixes

Issue: Content Picker doesn't load tree when attempting to use with Data only (developer support)
Issue: Content Picker nav tree doesn't show loading message
Issue: Performance fixes on queries that support building the tree in [Multi]NavPicker controls.
Issue: On large sites, the main navigation tree in the Workstation is very slow to expand individual node levels.


Content Picker Fixes

Issue: Cosmetic and functional fixes to Content Picker for IE8 (specifically, Link Picking in Freeform dialogs)
Issue: Inserting new managed results in SmartSearch can bring in HTML markup fragments
Issue: Content Picker and Workstation QuickSearch produces Primary Key Violation error when multiple Content Sites share the same NavigationRoot DocID


Data Management Fixes

Issue: Can't create new Schemas when database system runs under Windows authentication
Issue: Copying a Data record that has an External Key value causes a duplicate key error
Issue: Secondary DocID security checks don't cause redirect to Login

Data Editor Fixes

Issue: Content Picker reinitializes incorrectly by selecting the default image Size option instead when Original is the correct selection
Issue: Pop-up Data Editor freezes when submitting invalid field content
Issue: Data Editor data validation fails
Issue: Data Editor block doesn't retain field config when editing fields
Issue: Data Editor date field doesn't support arbitrary regex validation
Issue: WhatNewFlag changes not saved from Data Editor block


Other Misc Fixes

Issue: When viewing detailed list for Dashboard views, keyword filtering does not work
Issue: RefreshAppVars doesn't refresh state for Web Services
Issue: Double click does not move Fields in BrowseView editor
Issue: CKEditor double escapes numerical entities when saving from Source mode
Issue: WhereUsed reports missing files refereced in Data Editor blocks and certain pages
Issue: StaticContent control does not render content from PageShare blocks
Issue: Filter and Data List blocks don't show "Please wait..." message while requesting results
Issue: Multi File/Link control - ESC key doesn't disable buttons
Issue: Clicking the Apply button in the Image Editor fails to reload the image when using editor from the display-side