Version 5.5 Release Notes | Titan CMS 

Release Date: October 5, 2010

New Content Features

Form Block Enhancements - The Titan CMS Form Editor Block has been revamped and extended to support a number of new features. The Form Block now supports user-defined operations, including access to specify an OnLoad script for pre-populating fields, and access to control the submission process, whether to store the data in Titan or to post the data to an external URL. In addition, Form authors can support uploading files within their forms.

As it relates to follow-up messages and notifications, Form Authors can now choose to redirect end users to another Titan page or present the static "thank you" message. Authors also have greater control over the fields that will be sent via the email notification after each form submission. Furthermore, an email can be constructed and sent to the form submitter.

Freeform Video Support - A new feature has been added to our Freeform Editor to allow authors the ability to add insert FLV (Flash Video) formatted videos to the body of their content using the FlowPlayer video player. Authors have control over the splash image, size, and look-and-feel of the player controls.

New Workstation Productivity Enhancements

WYSIWYG Template Management - This release of Titan CMS includes an upgraded version of the CK Freeform Editor. This update makes it possible to reintroduce the ability to manage a library of WYSIWYG Templates. The Titan CMS Administrative interface now contains an access point for modifying the configuration files that store template data for freeform editors used in different contexts throughout Titan CMS.

Form Block: Results Reporting - A new dashboard widget has been added to the workstation to show Recent Form Activity. This snapshot view of which forms have received postings raises awareness to recent form postings, and makes it easier to drive into the full form results data for a given form on your site.

Bugs Fixed from v5.4

Issue: Linked pages cannot appear in filter block listings.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Linked pages can now be listed with a filter block.

Issue: Freeform descriptions not rendering in filter block listings.
Resolution: (Hotfix available) Filter blocks that use "First Freeform" as the Description Type now correctly display the description content.